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Tossing rocks

New Jersey survivors reunion

Paul and Jeni playing the Mexican Train version of dominoes

Paul and Jeni

Jeni in hat

Paul and Jeni, unaware of the dangers lurking above

Gradually learning about their presumed predator

Seven out of eight looking at the camera isn't too bad

Chance encounter with Paul and Jeni

Ethan enters in the morning

Watching the water critters

Wandering at Liberty Station

Showing off the new tatoos

Paul and Jeni, at the spot of their engagement

Overlooking the Potomac

Stylish, comfortable eyewear

At the Great Falls overlook

Checking out El Gaucamole

Munching on the bench

Shade at last

Post-meal conversation

The early wakeup catches up with Paul and Jeni

Critiquing the performance

More critiques

At the ready


Jeni's being a little more reserved

Paul and Jeni

A fellow cat-owner


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