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Hats on, ready to party

Britt shops Betty around

Strolling on the slopes

Paul takes in the cooking chaos

Psyching up for dessert

General bemusement

Not quite sure what to make of the cake

A bit bright


Lunch rock

Lots of cooks

New Jersey survivors reunion

Paul and Jeni playing the Mexican Train version of dominoes

Paul and Jeni

Hatless Paul

Paul and Jeni, unaware of the dangers lurking above

Gradually learning about their presumed predator

Seven out of eight looking at the camera isn't too bad

Appetizers are served

Chance encounter with Paul and Jeni

Mike pontificates

Pensive Jim, tired Mike

Getting ready to order

Done eating

Nicely framed, Don

Bob recreates the attack

Closing down the night

Ready to hike

Taking the view

Relaxing in the sun

Those who stuck around for afternoon hiking

Gadi's, less crowded than the saloon

Room to ourselves

Dan and Paul relax with some Playstation and a soothing breeze

Ethan and Paul

Watching the water critters

Wandering at Liberty Station

Showing off the new tatoos

Paul and Jeni, at the spot of their engagement

Most of the groomsmen, milling about

Chaos in the staging area

Mostly lined up

Heidi and Paul


Reading one, i carry your heart with me, ee cummings

Me and the groomsmen

Overlooking the Potomac

Overlooking the Potomac

Stylish, comfortable eyewear

At the Great Falls overlook

Checking out El Gaucamole

Munching on the bench

Shade at last

Post-meal conversation

The early wakeup catches up with Paul and Jeni

Ready to rip in

Frenzied opening

The crowd gets ready to change

Dressing room

All set

Last minute checks

Starting the processional, take one

At the ready


Ready to go inside

Anne looking pumped

Big grins from Paul

Paul and Jeni

Carefully pondering the candle placement

Lighting up the cake

Sam hacks off a second serving

Paul and the gentle kitty


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