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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Columbia Lily

Subalpine daisy

Oxeye daisy

Log and flowers

Ocotillo in bloom

Beavertail cactus

Engelmann's hedgehog cactus

Unidentified wildflower

Teddybear cholla, feel free to snuggle up

Tiny purple flowers

Ocotillo in full growth

Rose garden

Fully opened

Unrecorded variety

Fading petals

Frilly lily pads

Lily pads

Bigger lily pad flower

Open for the morning, will close in the afternoon


More lily pads

Cow-horn orchid blossom

Cow-horn orchid blossom, on a very long stalk

Japanese latern

Poolside flowers


Battered western trillium

Multi-colored bougainvillea

Lupine everywhere

Lots more lupine

Wild iris

Snowplant, looking, very red

Spider lily

Lily pads

Orchids in the corner

Lotus flower

Thistle and bud

Yucca in bloom

Lots of yucca

Super vibrant blue/purple

Lily pad flower

Lily pad flowers


Bird of paradise

Single-day orchid

Tiny orange orchid

Tiny flames


Common camas




Yellow salsify

Wooly sunflower

Nootka rose


Backlit nooka

Wet rose in the front yard

Flowering yucca

Flowering yucca

Cactus in bloom

Looking blood-stained


Hiding, part 2

Busy bee

Top view

Bright flowers

Purple trillium?

More flowers at the shore



Jacob's Ladder

Glacier Lilies

Bright flowers

Dead wildflower on the trail


A little succulent peeks out

Yarrow with bugs

Tiny patch of red

Bright yellow

Yucca in bloom

More yucca

Two ravens

California fuchsia?

Another unidentified flower

Another unidentified flower

Exploding sun overhead

Up close with the agave

Lily pad bloom

California buckwheat

California buckwheat

Morning glory?

Red columbine on the trail

Bittersweet (?) on the trail

Ants swarming the Sitka Mountain Ash

Rocky Mountain Iris

Rocky Mountain Iris

Tree blossoms


Little flowers

Northern Mule's Ears

They passed!

Scarlet bugler

California goldfields

Intact puffball

Bull thistle

Pacific pea

Thistle in bloom

Bright blue clusters

White and purple

Strange flowers

No idea what this one's called

White hibiscus flowers

Douglas's Aster

Leaning into the afternoon sun4


Thorns and flowers, but no leaves

Escaped lilies?

Flowering jade

Wacky flowers

Downtrodden flowers

This one wants to hurt you


Pearly Everlasting

Sitka Mountain Ash

Water droplets

Fly Amanita

Blooming cactus

Dragonfly in the rose garden


Giant bloom

White rose

Yellow blossoms

Now on the flowers

Bright red barrel cactus


Bright orange

Bright red and yellow

Roadside flowers

Wild orchids?

Tiny cactus blooms

Manzanita blooms


The flowers in question (Columbia Lily)

Just starting to wilt


Bright orange

One of the many bees

Orchid in the botanical garden

Paired blooming

Tucked under the sage

One of the few roses in bloom

African daisies, from what I've been told



Stock, perhaps?

Geraniums in the indoor garden

More stock?


Plants in the Conservatory

Plants in the Conservatory

Plants in the Conservatory

Pink Dogwood in bloom


Bright orange


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