Home - 2002 - Dan's surprise farewell party

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Lisa scrubs Jello gunk off a spoon

Jello in its delicious powder form


The finished product, in three delicious flavors

Each and every Jello shot gets special attention

Lisa and the adorable puppy cup

Suresh, Beth, and Mara wait for the ambush

Joe and Jess discuss important matters on the kitchen floor

Lisa, ready to pounce

Dan being suprised

The first round of Jello is consumed

Suresh shows off his expert technique

Lisa refuses to make eye contacts with the little Jello puck

Joe unwrapping his treat

Still some more left

Wow, that's tasty stuff

Suresh enlightens the rest of the group

Mardee's competing technique

The floor's a popular place to be

Dan being careful not to bruise the Jello shot

Dan escaping from the picture

Tim being his adorable self

Nap time

Beth, Jess and Lisa at the table


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