Home - 2002 - ISNetworks dinner

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The planning stages of a ridiculous meal

Tasty crustacean #1

Tasty crustaceans #2-6

A nice warm bath for Pinchy

Snip snip

Lobsters ready for butter

Dan gives the lobster a massage

Time for a swim

The amazing rolling pin trick

Our wines for the evening

A full stick of butter makes everything tasty

Dan washing things at amazing speed

Swim, my pretties

Lisa preparing course #2

Rena and Joe marvel at our insanity

A break from the kitchen

The grownup table, ready to go

Dan officially starts the meal

More lobster wrestling

The boneyard. Or exoskelton yard.

Dan and the grill

The grill's fairly hot at this point

Dan basks in the gentle glow

Dave and Jess, ready for some steak

One more in to the breach

Pummelling the pomegranate

The food starts piling up

I'll be your waiter for today

One of the many, many cleanup rounds


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