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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Rob on the top of the Astoria Column

Puzzleman, UPS man, devil, and angel

Gil working on some promising sales leads


Jess prepares for the treat of a lifetime

Just seconds before the first taste

Jess is in Flavor Country

Jess savors the first bite

To quote Rob, "The mouth of the beast"

Rob takes a taste

Everyone getting ready to head out

Rob shows off his many pants

The group after finally reaching the Enchantments

Rob, John, and Colin filtering water

John, Rob, and Colin, post filtering

The group preparing to attack Little Annapurna

Rob and John enjoy a steep section

Chris, John, and Rob cross the stream

John, the man who blows things up, and Rob, the man with the equipment to blow things up

Rob explains the equipment

Pumpkin guts going everywhere

At the Sol Duc trailhead

Lunch at Deer Lake

Lounging around in the Potholes

Rob getting ready for dinner

Rob, John, and Chris filtering water

Our campsite the first night

Getting the stove going

All of us at Bogachile Peak

Packing up after lunch

Setting up Old Trusty

Relaxing after the day's hike

Packing up camp

Crossing another bridge

Lunch at Sol Duc Falls

Prepping the gear

Stripping down to the correct clothing levels

Lunch time

John savors a snow cone, minus the cone

Rob in front of Mt Rainier

Water break number something big

Rob frees a tree from the tyranny of the snow

Rob savors a snow cone, minus the snow

Packing up after lunch

Rob on the Katwalk itself

Slipping and sliding over the snow

Rob ready to hit the trail

Rob ready to shed his pack

Milkshake time

Picking up the gear after it exploded out of the car

Water break

Lunch time at Reflection Lake

Tents partially assembled

Campground, almost established

John and Rob start the snow cave

Rob and Chloe working on the entrance

Breakfast time

Tent foundation, now devoid of the Walrus

John and Chloe finish packing their tent

Hiking out

Lunch #2

The last step's a big one

Lisa, Jess, Rob, and a wooden octopus

It begins

More carving

Opening the cranial cavity

Megan nears completion

Look at all that pumpkin goo

Rob the oral surgeon

Me carving like a madman

More carving excitement

Rob, John, Chloe and Colin ready to begin the adventure

Chloe, John, Mark and Rob cooking dinner

Rob filtering drinking water

Rob and Chloe taking a short break

Chloe, John, and Rob regroup

John, Chloe, and Rob after lunch


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