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Beth getting a little help

Break time

Jess prepares for the disaster he promised

Jess fails to deliver on his promise

Puzzleman, UPS man, devil, and angel

Beth's sparkly leg and foot

Beth and a very fatty cheese

Beth and 'Jim'

Beth and Don chomping on some blueberry pie

Beth and sleepy Joe

Dessert part 2

Laughing about the foot cheese most likely

The amazing rolling pin trick

A break from the kitchen

I'll be your waiter for today

Beth and her monkey shirt

Savoring the excitement of the crackers

Impatient waiting for midnight

Beth on the wall

Beth and me up high

The last bit of cocktail hour

Beware the claw

Suresh, Beth, and Mara wait for the ambush

Suresh shows off his expert technique

Beth, Jess and Lisa at the table

Everyone drinking wine

The gathering crowd awaits the start of the horror

Trying to erase the memory before it's fully formed

Guest arrival

Queueing up


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