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Perfecting the hair

Our first guests

Mixing up a grasshopper

Happy John

Packs on, ready to rock, rock on

Checking the altitude at the lunch spot

Break time

Soaking the knees

John just can't resist the scotch

John wishes he had resisted the scotch

Pre-trail stretching

John pontificating, probably

Big Hair John

Waiting for dinner

John breaks out his generous gift

Working on the cake

John and the Ultra Quiet Zone: an unlikely combination

The on-time attendees

John smiles for the camera

In the glow of the tree

Present time

A master's touch


Not quite done

Defeated by the candles

Sampling the meat

Watching all the excitement

Attack #1

Attack #2

More sipping

Long hair replaced by chops

Annointing the guest of honor

John, in your face as always

Breakfast on the deck

Let's see if he sticks the landing

Not sure which he's trying to enhance

A stylish sash

Craziness in the opposite corner

John pleads for less blue

John negotiating the snow wall on the bridge

John proving the strength of the snow bridge

John fails to jump the stream

Chloe, Rob, and John

Pete, John, Chloe, and Rob eat some lunch

Pete, John, Me, Chloe and Rob eating lunch, photo taken by John

Starting to sprinkle

Corn chowder and high fashion

Passing the time with fun facial expressions


Ensnared by vines

Trail running

Everyone getting ready to head out

Stopping for a snack

John soaks his knees, Chloe looks on

John and Chloe do a little housecleaning

Lunch break on way to the Enchantments

The group after finally reaching the Enchantments

John and Chloe on a day hike

Rob, John, and Colin filtering water

John, Rob, and Colin, post filtering

The group preparing to attack Little Annapurna

Rob and John enjoy a steep section

Chris, John, and Rob cross the stream

John trying to break the window

Trudy at the trailhead

John's virtually invisible

Visible only by his orange shirt, John preps for more lopping

Dessert, with plum in foreground

Taking in the view

High elevation, high style

Treat time at the end of the day

Good thing it's well built

The fight gets violent

Pulling out the big guns

Attack from behind

John takes a hostage, Chloe begs for her life

Attempted getaway

Tussel for the gun


Watching Emory watch Footloose

Flashbacks to the original release

Cupcake time

Breaking out the warmer clothes

Chloe and John arrive

John attempts to explain his antics

Getting all loaded up

Green Mountain trailhead

Lunch time

Small stream connecting the two tarns

Some snow, some mud

John tromping up the slope

Checking out the view

Checking out the view

Hiking back

Making ice water

Chloe the atom and John the mad scientist

More carving

John, the man who blows things up, and Rob, the man with the equipment to blow things up

Rob explains the equipment

Dan the grapes and the science contingency

Mad scientist John

Looking a little uncertain

Genie turns on her master


At the Sol Duc trailhead

Lunch at Deer Lake

Chloe explaining to John that he stinks already

John and Chloe setting up camp in the Potholes

Chloe and John setting up camp in the Potholes

Lounging around in the Potholes

Rob, John, and Chris filtering water

Waiting for dinner to cook

All of us at Bogachile Peak

Packing up after lunch

John crossing the log

Relaxing after the day's hike

Waiting for dinner to dry out a bit

Packing up camp

Crossing Sol Duc River

Crossing another bridge

John taking a picture of me taking a picture

Checking out the berries

Lunch at Sol Duc Falls

Some oldlyweds

Checking out the sculpture

Hopping aboard

Fred and John in the garden

Picnic lunch

Fred and John, post-concert

Chloe and John

Prepping the gear

Stripping down to the correct clothing levels

Lunch time

John savors a snow cone, minus the cone

John and Chloe in front of Mt Rainier

Water break number something big

John and Chloe on the ferry to Prince Creek

John enjoying some relish

Crossing the first stream

Small stream

Pumping water at the stream

Pumping water at the stream

John and Chloe at the first campsite

John and Chloe relaxing before dinner

John and tent flapping in the wind

Dinner time, first night

John and Chloe hanging the food

Getting ready for dinner

Tofo and peanut butter going into the pot

Dinner, mid-preparation

After-dinner drinks

Overflow seating on the ferry

John and his aged beef jerky

Shifty John

Planning the tent locations

High fashion in the high country

Big smiles while hanging the food

Under the tarp at souptime

Ready for breakfast

Crazy John

John retrieves the missing piece of the hatch

Barkeep, get me a margarita

John and Chloe

Wondering what's next

Relaxing and snacking

John makes a break for it

Even John gets tired sometimes

John slaving away

Picking up the gear after it exploded out of the car

Water break

Chloe takes a short break from trailblazing

Tents partially assembled

Some final tent-staking

Campground, almost established

John and Rob start the snow cave

Cozy times in the snow cave

Breakfast time

Breakfast time

John and Chloe finish packing their tent

Hiking out

Lunch #2

John ready to rob a bank with his cheese and crackers

The last step's a big one

Post-dinner strategizing

John inspecting my food

John and the weight spreadsheet (one of many)

More to-do items

John attempts to stay dry during the hug

No welcome canopy, but the resupply van's ready

John showing off the deluxe showering facilities

Resupplying Chloe

Chloe takes a well-deserved drink

Bag man in the smoke

John and Chloe, engaged in pleasant conversation

Some serious scooping

John and Dave plot their strategies

The research department

John flings pumpkin bits hither and thither

John unveils his bovine masterpiece

Me carving like a madman

Hanging out on the couch

Story time

Beyond the branches that block the fork

Steep grade

Enjoying the sun

Back in the relatively flat forest

Waiting for the lane

John fighting through the plants

John and Mark work on setting up the tarp

John shows off the Little Nipper

John and Mark at dinner

John prepares to dump the celery packet

Mmm... really nasty pudding

Washing down the pudding with some port

John as Atlas

Motion after lunch

John approaching the tricky log

Hanging out on the far side of the stream

Carolyn scooting across

Around the muck

John snacking on the trail

Dinner time under the tarp

A big smile from John

Chloe wisely tosses it back into the pot, anonymizing it

John just can't resist being disgusted by the scotch

A not-quite-so satisfied customer

Groggy John

John indicates we've overstayed our welcome

Rob, John, Chloe and Colin ready to begin the adventure

Chloe, John, Mark and Rob cooking dinner

Chloe, John, and Rob regroup

John, Chloe, and Rob after lunch

John showing off his green hair

Zoe loves green hair

John and his bargain 5X shirt

The owners of the fine DVD

At the ready

Chloe and John, our A-V club

Take down

Loading up

Baba ghanouge, medium smokiness

Showcasing the vegetarian "pastrami" jerkey

Stretching before reloading the packs

Scavenging off the trail

Questioning the recipe

Hiking two-by-two

Overgrown trail



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