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Hats on, ready to party

Let the party begin

Britt explains how the kids are wearing hats these days

Waiting for dinner

DSLRs everywhere

Working on the cake

Praying for the right card

Lounging in the mossy shadows

Lots of cooks

Mmm... lamb

Slipping in a pleasant lamb and wine-induced coma

New Jersey survivors reunion

Dan basking in his new found power

Dan and The Swedish The Cheat

Warming up the crowd

Surveying the scene

Opinionated as always

Gentle seduction

A rare submissive moment

Snuggles on the bench

Ring exchange

Wedded smooch

Selecting the weapon of choice

Mmm.. cupcakes

More kissing

Dancing on the court

Determined faces


A strong move

Taking up smoking...

not for long

Dan gets to relax

Feeling up the glass orb

Enjoying the stickers

Alone on the beach


Preparing to taste

Getting a good snoutful

Annointing the guest of honor

Separated at birth?

Examining the bottle

On the floor (intentionally, I believe)

Dan's mortal weakness

Best not to read the ingredients

Angry Dan

Looking dapper in his Chehalem garb

Let's see if he sticks the landing

Boxing it up

Tiny fists of fury

Dan scoffs at Britt's style

Time to TP this place

Dan basking in the kitchen's majesty

Dan checking out one of his new cookbooks

Birthday boy on the floor

Dan on the sky tram

Taking in the ocean view

Popping the first of many bottles

Good to the last drop

Dan playing with the salmon

Dan head-butts his salad

Dan lights up

Dan gets ready to juggle

Dan juggling

Dan starting a fire

Dan chowing down

Dan plots his next course

Entertaining Roman

Entertaining Roman

Working on Trogdor

Dan the grapes and the science contingency

Dan juggling some wine

Dan starts off the meal

Dan, Pinchy, and a buttered knife

Pinchy hardly feels a thing

Alaskan Spot Prawn peeling

Dan scheming

Dan pops the bubbly

Dan assembling the crostini

Dan savors some Easy Cheese

Jess making his move for the Easy Cheese

More slouching

Dan gives the lobster a massage

Time for a swim

The amazing rolling pin trick

Dan washing things at amazing speed

A break from the kitchen

Dan officially starts the meal

More lobster wrestling

Dan and the grill

Dan basks in the gentle glow

I'll be your waiter for today

One of the many, many cleanup rounds

Dan and Sydney

Dan and Syd check out Sid

Fascination with the Valley of the Moon bottle

Ready to hike

Chips on offer

Relaxing in the sun

Those who stuck around for afternoon hiking

In the narrows

Lumpy, squirmy couch

Helpful footrest

Our director

Oyster shucking

Dan, smiling about something or other. Probably food or wine

Pre-dinner lightsaber battle

Contrasting tannic and acid structures

Dan and Paul relax with some Playstation and a soothing breeze

Dan playing some Playstation

Investigating the instructions

Dan broke his crown

Pre-breakfast lounging

Dishing it out

Sitting down to dinner

Author book signing

Dan on the floor

Everyone joins Roman on the floor for a tantrum

Turley tongue

Time to start the tasting

Pondering the purchase

Scheming about day two's agenda

Outdoor wine tasting

Dan makes up some wine trivia

Purchasing time once again

Waiting for the Brickhouse tasting

Dan wants more wine

Dan knocking back a little more

Rehydrating after a triumphant return

Dan and a massive oyster

Dan and Sydney at home

Sand dunes at sundown in Oregon

Dan playing with his camera at the beach

Dan at the beach

Dan at the beach

Dan in our nasty hotel room

Dan tweaks his factory installed iPod

Dan shows off the most delicious of all slugs, the banana slug

Dan in front of the Big Tree

Dan in a tree

Relaxed Dan

High performance Dan

Dan at the Japanese Tea Gardens

Dan on top of the strange bridge

Dan after being attacked by the Coturri guard dog

Soaking in the sun

Shark attack!

Piling back into the AirBnB

In search of ostrich

The bad boy tempts the other bad boy

Watching Dan's technique

Pretzels for all

At the end of the trail

All the hikers

Island and water viewpoint

Working on the bubbly

Dan and his shaved head

Mandy's arms, out of control

Chaos in the staging area

Mostly lined up

Megan and Dan


Reading one, i carry your heart with me, ee cummings

Me and the groomsmen

Dan being suprised

The first round of Jello is consumed

Suresh enlightens the rest of the group

The floor's a popular place to be

Dan being careful not to bruise the Jello shot

Nap time

Everyone drinking wine

Dan through a wine glass

The grilling team

Wine boy (note the hat)

Britt's not happy to see his photographic monopoly broken up

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking..."

"... double combover!"

Present time

Dan and some pink bubbly

Dressing room

No, you have so much to live for!

Emerging from the hiding spot

Trying to sort out the flowers

Dinner time

Ready to go inside

Dan hasn't gone this long without wine in a long time

The director at work

Demonstrating silencing one's cell phone

Relaxing, knowing there's only one performance left


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