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Bride-to-be at dinner

Zoned out, pondering wedding logistics

Milling around, awaiting a decision

In search of lunch

In Tom and Marna's backyard

Toiling away in the fancy kitchen

Happy hostess

A few pre-show announcements

Marna and Tom, live from the east coast

Marna ready to paddle

Marna on the open sea

New cat shirt for Ruth

Marna's new hat

The assembled crowd

Lots of Eckels

Opening the memento box

State report

Proof of graduation

Magic carpet


Marna and her orange

Present sorting

Marna and Sam decipher the complicated instructions

Waiting for present opening turns

The whole gang

Pete and Marna sitting around

Trivial Pursuit

The Nosferatu group

Let the opening madness begin

Now Marna can make even more pies

The fashion show begins

Reflective leg bands make for a safe present opening experience

Monkey sock time

Monkey sock surgery

Testing out the new camp chair

Back row viewing

Careful flicking


The year of the spork

Folding up some dinnerware

Marna explains the ins and outs of the house

Adjusting the rods

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Out in the woods

Heading down the boardwalk in Delafield

Taking it all in

Puzzling out Mobi

Ruth on the go

Mid stocking unloading

The whole crew

Exploring the wonders and wilds of Finland

Supervising the baklava carefully

Stocking discovery

Cookie gathering

Stacy's leg stash

The crew, arrayed as they should be

Everyone, including those now partially hidden

Taking in the performance

At the big table

Inspecting the calendars

The whole gang

The whole gang, one with a fun hat

Parceling out the next batch of cookies

The knight's in your face

The full crew

Synchronized unwrapping

Masterminds at work and play

Approaching the Milwaukee Art Museum

Max and Marna

Ruth chomps into an apple

From the other end of the tables

Brewing up some trouble

And back to a mellower disposition

The whole gang

Storytime for Max

Chowing at Culver's

Gathering at the table

The distribution begins

Waiting patiently

Double checking the tag

Sharable socks

Ruth and Max take charge

Out on the deck

New lion necklaces

The whole gang

Post lunch happiness

Dye master Marna

Reading up on the Bananagram rules

Wild-eyed Sam

Big smile for the photographer

Attempting to line up for the family photo

On the prowl for baskets

The hunt continues

Gathered in the rental house

Pizza dinner

The rowdies one row forward

Celebrating the birthday boy

Wiener Schnitzel alla Holstein - eggs on top, not cow

Sam offers up a delicious gooey piece of celephane

Don't jump, you have so much to live for!

She decided not to jump after all

Art delivery time

What could it be?

A bug, the highest form of art

Waiting for the rest of the crew at the L station

The whole gang in Lincoln Park

Sandals going on and off

Trying on some new outfits

A very pink chef

Eating from rectangular plates

The gang (minus the sleeping Ruth)

The embarcadero crowd

Scoping out the crustaceans

The whole lineup

Ever so slightly goofier

Hiding in the corner

Reading up on the big gun

Puppet show

Conductor cap?

Many armed chat monster

Presenting the trophy

Marna and Tom (and ice cream)

Happy parade watcher

Marna and Tiffany

Right in the eyes

Another puppet show

Gathered in the living room

Marna and Tom

Waiting for lunch


Dark glasses


Finishing a sensible early lunch

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Mary Ann, Marna, Lisa, and Jess ready to eat some lamb

Happy onlookers

Marna gets set for action

Dreaming up more haiku

Only a few more poems to go

General merriment

All the kiddies

Relaxing before dinner

Catching some rays before it's time to change

Waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive

Lunchtime chatter

Taking in the Fruit by the Foot photos

A small packing of roving photographers

Just about to get underway

The bride

The officiant begins

Telling the story of Marna and Tom

Telling the story of Marna and Tom

Telling the story of Marna and Tom

Ring exchange, part 1

Ring exchange, part 1

Ring exchange, part 2

Ring exchange, part 2

Mere seconds from being married

The kiss

The kiss

The kiss

A happy looking wife

The married couple

Heading on to the reception

Greeting the guests

Working the door, checking for ties

Waiting for the ceremony

Working out the last minute logistics

Places, everyone


Marna with the Large Anchor

Marna out snowshoeing

Jess and Marna marvel at the space age technology

Marna and her new friend, the Camperdown Elm. Check out the sign

Marna on the ferry

Marna on the ferry

Marna up close

Careful balancing

Wind at her back

A little wading

Tickle torture

Marna prepares to get wet

Marna and me on the trail

Marna and Mary Ann after some lunch

Marna makes a final lunge

The full assembly line

Strolling along the path


Present intermission

Pulling cookies

The whole gang

Two seconds later


Inspecting Brendan's grab bag

Sharing the loot

Playing Life

Reading one, i carry your heart with me, ee cummings

Listening to Roger

Me and my family

Me and my extended family

Marna hides Tom

Enjoying the shade


Ice cream break #1

Group photo

Group photo

Approaching Union Station

In the Ferris wheel

Petting the rays

So many numbers in this book

The whole gang

Just a touch silly

Surveying the cot-displayed goodies

The artist and her fine arts

Do you prefer one nose or two?

Fruit snack discovery - eligible for a three minute phone card

Munching on the bench

More shade

Waiting for the action

Fake reading, part one

One for the reader

Ready for things to get underway

Enjoying the sun

Lucas takes a swing

Looking forward to some of that custard cake

Sneaking a few curds

Marna chats with Tom

More cheese

The Grinch trying to steal Christmas

A sled promissory note

Betty all around

Sporty Potato Head Spice

A little unwrapping music

The whole gang

Marna in the post-present calm

Play-Doh at its finest

Marna and Pete get ready to head out to Madison

Marna doing a little pre-carride exercise

Ice cream watchers

Hanging out in the Arboretum

Hanging out in the Arboretum

Marna escapes with berry pie

The whole gang

Watching the photo show

Marna waiting for the pictures to end

Setting up for dinner

Quiet at the table

The largest dinner of the gathering

The full group

Looking sharp

Chicken attack

Plenty of plumage, but no full bird

Plenty of lumbar support




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