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Milling around, awaiting a decision

Wandering the gardens

In search of lunch

In Tom and Marna's backyard

Chair surgery in action

The theoretically repaired chair

A few pre-show announcements

Attracting a crowd

Eyeing the table

Cookie time

Linking up with the Massachusetts contigency

Sam's turn

Waiting for the next selection

Everyone expect poor Max

The assembled crowd

Lots of Eckels

Dad and Pete await gifts

Pete awaiting presents

Rapid unwrapping

Waiting for present opening turns

The whole gang

Pete and Marna sitting around

Trivial Pursuit

Post-game chatting

Pete ready for work

Let the opening madness begin

Pete seems pleased with his haul

A boy and his new brick

Gathered 'round the Wii

Pocket surgery

Trying to disassemble the rail

Still no luck

Let the carnage begin

Rapid fire unwrapping

Watching the gifting

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Inspecting the grab bag

Strolling the grounds

Heading down the boardwalk in Delafield

Taking it all in

The whole crew

The grab bag begins

The hedgehog serving as Tom's advocate

Leaning in for Family Feud

Waiting for a creature to alight

Other ear adornment

Big money prize

Considering a trade

Hawking the cash

The crew, arrayed as they should be

Everyone, including those now partially hidden

Taking in the performance

Unpacking the loot

Cookie time

The whole gang

The whole gang, one with a fun hat

The full crew

Apologizing for dis-arming the monkey

So sad without arms

Synchronized unwrapping

Ready for the baby to arrive!

Only a few more weeks

Kissy kissy


Max as center of attention

From the other end of the tables

The grab bag gets underway

The whole gang

Chowing at Culver's

The horde descends

Out on the deck

The whole gang

Lucas is skeptical of the tongue

Munching on some tasty sandwiches

Pete enjoys his new silverware

Pete looking huge

Peter wields his archiac weapon


Also available with fencing gear

Happy to be up and about

Ready to come out

Readying for wordplay

Wild-eyed Sam

Big smile for the photographer

Debating the merits of British slang

Looking for an authoritative answer

Attempting to line up for the family photo

Waiting to board the boat

The rowdies one row forward

Waiting for the bus, hoping it doesn't start to really rain

Peter gets ready to chow down

Three berry cobbler, berry content unknown

Pondering the selection

A sleeping man in a box

The whole gang in Lincoln Park

Let the video chat madness begin

Peter, live from Brazil

The embarcadero crowd

Scoping out the crustaceans

Lunch in Little Italy

The non-snorkelers

The whole lineup

Ever so slightly goofier

Web cam chat with Peter

Blurry Peter, web chat #2

Pete looking a bit chilly

Sam, Mom, and Pete at Mt Rainier

Sand crafters

Sam, Brendan, Malcolm, Jill, and Pete

Finishing a sensible early lunch

Take 1

Take 3

Take 4

Bike crowd

Peter, as best man, kicks of the ceremony

Ring exchange

Bring out the Fruit by the Foot

Bringing out the official documents

Peter signs as the second witness

Attentive listeners at the other table

Focused writing

Dad makes his speach

A present for the best man

Doom - the board game. Mom's excited too

Sorting it all out

The box has been wrestled from the bag, but the job's not done

The wedding party

They're already a little loopy

Lucas does his best to crush Peter

Freaked out Peter

The Eckels men

All the kiddies

Lucas, presumably extolling the virtues of married life

Peter, trying not to be too nervous about his set of responsibilities

Pinky-licking good

Maid of honor, hiding on the side

Peter and Kat

Working out the last minute logistics

Places, everyone

Drawing the curtain

Falling to the side

The walkers arrive

Making introductions

A quick story

Present intermission

The whole gang

Two seconds later


Strolling along Mission Beach

Taking in the birds

Thrilled in the garden at Balboa Park

In the Alcazar Garden

Looking out to sea

At the viewpoint

Ready to hit the trail at Cougar Mountain

Stopping for a photo

Inspecting the fruit

Looking tough


Reading up on the refinery's history

On the north shore of Lake Union

Picking up the tiniest of the snails

Airborn amphibians

Time for high-fives

Waiting for it to get melty

Enjoying the fire

Chatting around the fire pit

Pete on the trail

Pete shortly after lunch

Pete at the viewpoint

Pete at the viewpoint for Upper Wallace Falls

Me and my family

Me and my extended family

Group photo

Group photo

Wandering the campus of UBC

In front of SS Empress of Japan Figurehead

Cruising the waters

Soaking in the sun

The whole gang

Just a touch silly

Time to shoot up

Starting with the socks

Dressing room

The ushers

Critiquing the performance

Setup chaos

Final touches

Queueing up

Lucas takes a swing

The Grinch trying to steal Christmas

A sled promissory note

Betty all around

Sporty Potato Head Spice

A little unwrapping music

The whole gang

A scary looking duo

Marna and Pete get ready to head out to Madison

Ice cream watchers

Hanging out in the Arboretum

Hanging out in the Arboretum

Marna escapes with berry pie

The whole gang

Pete watching the photos go by

Setting up for dinner

Fellow German traveler

Acclimating to the insanity

Rachel and Sam, together!

The largest dinner of the gathering

The full group

Birthday delivery



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