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Milling around, awaiting a decision

In search of lunch

Keeping an eye on Ruth

Pizzas hot off the grill

In an original El train

Sam and his new buddy

Mathematical Advisory, indeed

Linking up with the Massachusetts contigency

Sam's turn

Waiting for the next selection

Everyone expect poor Max

The assembled crowd

Lots of Eckels

Present sorting

Marna and Sam decipher the complicated instructions

The whole gang

Trivial Pursuit

Post-game chatting

A new DVD

Some sort of gizmo

Sam barely manages to contain himself

Gathered 'round the Wii

Ties and short sleeve shirts, a winning combination

The year of the spork

Tie, plus earring

Putting on a puppet show

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Puzzling out Mobi

Cuddling with the stocking

The whole crew

Unveiling Newton's cradle

Sam as Steve Harvey, pointing to the board

Intense concentration

Concentration, broken

Ear frostbite sets in

A relatively sedate Christmas-observed

Sitting down for the meal

Grab bag, in progress

Hawking the cash

The crew, arrayed as they should be

Everyone, including those now partially hidden


Sitting down to the holiday meal

Cookie time

Inspecting the calendars

Working the blinkies

The whole gang

The whole gang, one with a fun hat

Prepping to open stockings

Stocking inspectors hard at work

The full crew

Cozy on the couch

Scary stuff

Max as center of attention

Sitting down for dinner

From the other end of the tables

The whole gang

Chowing at Culver's

Watching from the far end

Sam and Anne

Setting the table

Sam and Anne, again

The whole gang

Pondering our next move

The Dude after lunch

Sam ready to track the bat

Sam and his glassware

Sam and his silverware

Sam and mom on the trail

Waiting for the color to seep in

Ready to come out

Wild-eyed Sam

Kicking back with a beer

Debating the merits of British slang

Attempting to line up for the family photo

The hunt continues

Gathered in the rental house

Waiting to board the boat

Wiener Schnitzel alla Holstein - eggs on top, not cow

Sam working on his dessert

Sam offers up a delicious gooey piece of celephane

Waiting for the rest of the crew at the L station

The whole gang in Lincoln Park

Our rental house

Newly engaged

Let the video chat madness begin

And now for the main course

The gang (minus the sleeping Ruth)

Checking out the action on the street

Turning attention back inside

The non-snorkelers

The whole lineup

Ever so slightly goofier

Taking a break in Balboa Park

The engaged

Waiting for the next round of activity

Watching with care

Hats off to you

On to magazines with hats

Sam and Anne

Armed and dangerous

Eagerly awaiting the parade

Watching the parade

Loading up plates

Sam enjoying the wind and cold and mist

Sam, Mom, and Pete at Mt Rainier

Taking it all in


Sam and Brendan

Sam, Brendan, Malcolm, Jill, and Pete

A shared cone

Sam and Brendan

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Bike crowd

Happy onlookers

The speaches begin

Sam dreaming up something witty

Sorting out what just happened

General merriment

The Eckels men

All the kiddies

Basking in the glory of Pete's toast

Lucas, presumably extolling the virtues of married life

Sam, always a goof

Precision napkin work

Scintillating conversation

The other lunch table

Sam trying to make a getaway with a bucket of pork

Hot dogs and more

On the Epic campus

Sam's corner office

Wandering the crazy campus

Enjoying some dessert

Rachel and Sam, proud root vegetable owners

Sam and Rachel on the street

Sam in his domain

Home owners!

Sam socializing

Working out the last minute logistics

Drawing the curtain

Casual Sam

The walkers arrive

On the shoreline path

Relaxing at Big Foot Beach park

The full assembly line

Attempting to contain the sprinkles

Strolling along the path

Ruth in the lead

Testing the flashlight

A stack of green

So many packaging layers

Another stuffy and more

Present intermission

The whole gang

Two seconds later

Inspecting Brendan's grab bag

Sharing the loot

In front of the bay

Looking small

In the Alcazar Gardens

Looking shady

Zoe and her new best friend

On the boardwalk in Discovery Park

Mugshot at Discovery Park

On the shore

Playing games before the Underground Tour

Sam takes a crack at the motorcycle game

Wandering through the underground

Waiting to cross the street in the drizzle

I see somebody who's at least one of the above

Coloring eggs takes full concentration without the proper tools


At the top of Little Si

Restraining the beast

Sam trying to be as tall as me

Me and my family

Me and my extended family

Mom and Sam

Group photo

Group photo

Sam-powered transport

Birthday rice

In front of SS Empress of Japan Figurehead

The whole gang

Just a touch silly

Rachel and Sam

Checking out the winch

Munching on the bench

Sticking it out in the sun

Pizza time

Deck lounging

Dressing room

The ushers

Critiquing the performance

More critiques

Setup chaos

Helping the other usher

More flower assistance

Enjoying the sun

Dinner time

Sam, hair at a fairly low entropy point

General delight about the slicing difficulties

Sam hacks off a second serving

Sam with slightly wilder hair

Einstein action figure

A real fashion statement

Even in the background, that sweater steals the attention

The whole gang

Ice cream eaters

Sam looking huge

Part of Sam

Sam trying to look dapper

The whole gang

Watching the photo show

Enjoying the shade

Setting up for dinner

Something funny

Carefully coiffed, as always

Rachel and Sam, together!

The largest dinner of the gathering

The full group

Peeking out

The outgoing pile


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