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Candy cigarette

Jess and Lisa meet Sam the cat

Jess doing some surgery on the door knob

Floor and door fun

Jess tries out the door as I slave away

Jess starting to cut up the entryway floor

Jess disabling the outlet

Tearing off the counter

Removing the counter

More cabinet destruction

Me being a homeowner

Me being a homeowner

Jess examines his sugar water

Lisa and Jess on the top of the Astoria Column

Hats on, ready to party

Dinner, night #1

Dinner, night #2

Jess oversees the whisking

Whisking, always whisking

Here comes the cake...

The co-conspirators revel in their deed

Jess and Britt with their vices

Lunch rock

Idle chatter

Lots of cooks

Jess and The Swedish The Cheat

Waiting for food

Checking out Lenswork

Gift card, already filed away by Emory

Time to head to the buffet

Circling around

Post dinner discussions

Cigars on the deck

Chatting inside

Britt having a sip of tequilla

Waiting at SeaTac

Map of Cambodia

In front of the lot across from the school

Getting an official tour

Digging in

Inside the gate

Up top after steep staircase

Easing down

Wandering through the passageways


Me, Buddha, and Jess

Relishing the momentary shade

Saying hi to the temple cat

Back on the outside of the market

Roger and Jess wait for their cocktails

Travling on foot from this point

Taller than average

Roger says a few words

Post-dinner conversation at the Elephant Terrace

The full gang at breakfast

Wary of the steps in the heat

At the war museum

Enjoying the cool afternoon on the balcony

Waiting in line to get the entry ticket

Briefing from Dom at the entry

In front of Ta Prohm

Heading down the walk

Deep inside Ta Prohm

Intricate roots

In front of one of the big ones

By the reflecting pool

Pausing on the bridge

Ducking down a side street for lunch

Jess enjoying the spacious upstairs

Jess wallowing in his extra space

Jess tries, unsuccessfully, to contain his laughter

Bubbles to start the fun

Crossing the tracks

Jess pauses to ponder the ramifications of an all-flan bachelor party

Roman starts tearing around the living room, leaving Zoe to demand attention

Gettin' fussy

Roman enjoying the ride

Lisa shows Roman how to pick at Jess's ear

He's a quick learner

And again, with a twist

More bubbles

The cold water content begins

Both contestants begin to realize that this might have been a bad idea

A disapointing tie

Studying up on Bananagrams

Jumping the chasm

Variously rolling styles in the water

Time to lose the pants

Wet undies

Prepping the duck

Dredging the bib

On the beach

Set to crush

Shielding the Trivial Pursuit answers

Munchkin Cthulhu, anyone?

iPhone browsing

Break time

Lisa prepares for the descent

Lisa's unique technique

Jess prepares for the disaster he promised

Jess fails to deliver on his promise

Jess the devil

Gil working on some promising sales leads

Jess prepares to remove Suresh's pants

Jess with two terrifying creatures

Jess exhibits his second favorite car

Ring exchange

Loading the liver into the fridge

Alone on the beach

Heading back to the house

For your consideration... Easy "Cheese"

An incomparable flavor

Maybe that wasn't a good idea

Mmm... Zingy!

Sleepy time

"Let's get drunk!"

Once again, it's Zinger o'clock

Beck demonstrates her rapping skills

Watching the present excitement

Lisa and Jess check out the presents

Bench neighbors

The first round of bubbly

Rambo VII

Jess' magestic pose

Meal in progress

Me and my horde of admirers

Lisa and Jess waiting for their turn to carve

Post-carving sleepies

More non-Amazon related relaxing

Jess prepares for the treat of a lifetime

Just seconds before the first taste

Jess is in Flavor Country

Jess savors the first bite

To quote Rob, "The mouth of the beast"

Finger-licking good

Rob takes a taste

The East Coast Sensation meets a West Coast trash can

Cooking up some fried goodness

Jess and Zoe at the dog park

Jess and Roger at the driving school

Jess and me at the driving school

Dan head-butts his salad

Waiting for the ham

Enjoying the pummeling

Glue sticks at the ready

Parental yawn #1

Parental yawn #2

Professor Brittonworth lectures on the mysteries of toilet paper orientation

Wasting no time in going for the presents

Roman's not sure about this one

A bigger hit with Roman

Taking it for a test creep

Pinned but armed

Varied emotions

Piling on the little ones

Poised to strike

Group kidnapping

Returning the prisoners

Trying to shield the flame

Jess at the bar

Entertaining Roman

Stealing a few more bites

Working on Trogdor

Lots of carving

Pumpkin guts going everywhere

Devil and plainclothes devil

Setting up the track

Checking out the small wonder

Ready for some pie

Scotch tasting on the deck

Jess and Lisa enjoy some hot chocolate on the trail

Jess and Lisa on the Iron Horse trail

Cocktail hour

Jess after the shocking news that cupcakes are, technically, cake

A more straightforward approach

Jess and Dave at the partially-packed ISNetworks office

Pinchy's revenge

Jess making his move for the Easy Cheese

Flavor country

The planning stages of a ridiculous meal

Snip snip

A full stick of butter makes everything tasty

Dave and Jess, ready for some steak

One more in to the breach

One of the many, many cleanup rounds

Jess about to get his birthday present

Just seconds away from knowing what it is

An end to the agony

Jess and his Valley of the Moon wine

Jess in the R8

Chips on offer

Room to ourselves

Intense focus

Carving the main course

Peeling off the existing wall to get to the header

Peeling off the existing wall to get to the header

A little lovin' for the wall

Scraping the nasties off the wall

Jess ready for action

A little finesse is all it takes

A little finesse is all it takes

A little finesse is all it takes

Farewell to the old sink

Easy does it, this thing's priceless

Easy does it, this thing's priceless

A little hacksawing fixes a lot of things

Party in the crawlspace

Time to torch the pipe

Jess gets ready to burn some plastic

Lighting up

Wrestling with some part

Jess hears it's time to stop

Crab time

A team unwrapping effort

It's a Baby Bjorn!

Jess sucking it in

Isaac lends his expertise

It's a facehugger

Baby placeholders

Jess and Lisa revel in the Baby Bjorn

Sly looks

Lisa and Jess

Jess at the campground

Mardee, Darren, Jess, and Nick on the trail

Jess practices his perfect posture

Lounging off blanket

Mary Ann, Marna, Lisa, and Jess ready to eat some lamb

Lisa and Jess showcase their snowman

Jess and Marna marvel at the space age technology

Roman takes a break

Prepping for departure

Taking out the tee

Time for desserts

Jess, all ready for Monkey Madness

Lisa and Jess at Mt. St. Helen's

Pre-meal strategizing

Jess chops the nasty tasting mushrooms

Poppin' the expensive stuff

Oyster shucking

Keeping Facebook appraised of the meal status

The new family

Roman does something cute

Everyone's happy to have Roman out

A little squirming

Lisa, Jess, Rob, and a wooden octopus

Peeking into the kitchen


Breakfast prep

Pre-breakfast lounging

Puzzle time

Sitting down to dinner

Author book signing

Some light reading after dinner

Straight from the source

Finishing off the rest of it

Sleepy smooching

Vineyard pose, year two

Getting the kitchen all situated

Jess and chorizo, reunited at last

Everybody loves mixed nuts

The new parent is already sleepy

Jess, completely enamoured with the Red Bull-like can

Time for Roman's first vineyard walk

Explaining the important process

Back to the house

Jess responds to the call

Jess shows everyone how it's done

Sorting through the spoils

Three happy ex-Amazon.com employees

Jess gets ready...

Jess gets set...

Jess shoots the pager (look for the blur over the candle)

Some nice distance on that swing

Jess, reporting for Amazon on-call

Concerned faces underscore the gravity of the situation

Time for the afterburner

Brand new Mini lineup

We're underway!

Ready to roll

Approaching the box

Locking up the rear wheels

Starting to turn in

Rotating around

Releasing the e-brake

Prepping to exit

Time for some gas

Powering through

About to kiss the rear cone

Nearly straight

No more smoke

Approaching the box

A little e-brake

Plus rotation

And now a little foot brake


Almost done

Final stop

Happy driver

Ready for the big circuit

On the little boardwalk

In the heat

Sitting down to dinner

Across the bridge

Stepping down

Jess coming into the straight

Jess and his car

Jess about to head out for a session

Jess on the track

Jess on the track

Jess on the track

Jess on the track

Jess on the track

Jess on the track

Jess approaching turn 9

Jess lurking in the shadows

What a way to start the day

Letting the engine cool

It begins

More carving

Opening the cranial cavity

Jess cheers Lisa on

Mardee bathes her masterpiece

The research department

Post-carving relaxation

John unveils his bovine masterpiece

Cutting cement board to size

Not sure if it's happy time or not

Nope, not happy time

Playing with the cow

Roman scoots into the ring

Zoe, somewhat surprised at Roman's stomping

The story of the civet coffee, episode I, the background

The story of the civet coffee, episode II

The story of the civet coffee, episode III, the thrilling conclusion

Soaking in the sun

Ostrichland, USA

Watching Dan's technique

Pretzels for all

At the end of the trail

All the hikers

Lisa and Jess on the trail

Finishing off a bottle

Roman, Jess, and Lisa

Counting construction cranes

At Golden Gardens

Morning drumming

Jess takes a slug

Jess and his nemesis (flan, not slugs)

Jamon flan

Don and Jess enjoying the use of sunglasses

Most of the groomsmen, milling about

Debbie and Jess


Reading one, i carry your heart with me, ee cummings

The rings, please

Jess and me

Me and the groomsmen

Britt gets angelic

Best man speech

Jess displays his wrist

Stripping Suresh

Joe and Jess discuss important matters on the kitchen floor

Beth, Jess and Lisa at the table

Everyone drinking wine

Waiting for the flight

Jess at the helm of the Love Boat

Tim recuperating for round two

Jess and Tim trying to get hungry again

Prepping for the main attraction

Jess looking a little teeny bit anxious

Ross and Jess waste time between sessions

Wasting time

Jess entering turn 8

Lunch in the trunk

Jess approaches

Getting closer

So very close

Happy that Dad survived

Jess and Lisa ponder jumping from the very impressive bridge over Lower Twin Falls

Breaktime at the Iron Horse Trail

Jess pops the can of Qoo

Jess takes a sip of Qoo

Fantasizing about another piece of pie

What wonderful wrapping paper

At last, a knife case

Dressing room

I can almost dress myself

Best man and matron of honor

Best man needs a flower too

Jess amidst the cars

Dinner time

Ready to go inside

Sizing up the wine situation

Reflecting on the winners and losers

Jess making a mess

Me, Lisa, and Jess on the top of a ridge

Jess and his ammo

View from the top of the ridge


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