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Hats on, ready to party

Don blazes his own trail

Post-dinner satiation

Don's shocked

Sneaking another bite

Big winner

Don must feel very inadequate with that camera in this crowd


Don needs no fuel - presumably he photosynthesizes

Don, Scattegory speed demon

Don and Kim on the trail

Don and Kim on the trail

Don working it well

Don surveys the floor situation

Don and John on the golf course

Careful club selection is the key

The right club pays off

Don crushes it

Don gets some styling tips

Don gets some styling tips

Don gets some styling tips

Dapper Don

Don and the bridesmaids

Getting the party underway

Waiting for dinner time

Ready to hike

Those who stuck around for afternoon hiking

In the narrows

Emerging triumphant

Room to ourselves

The Smolens

On the train

Don and Jess enjoying the use of sunglasses

Most of the groomsmen, milling about

Chaos in the staging area

Mostly lined up

Maura and Don


Me and the groomsmen

Kim and Don

Out at Cabrillo

Venturing onto the slippery stuff

Tapping the first keg

Pizza time

The Smolens hanging out before the ceremony

Frenzied opening

Charging down the aisle

A confident stride from Don


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