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My dinner neighbor

Dessert in the park

Milling around, awaiting a decision

Awaiting some pizza

Dad and Mom

Attracting a crowd

In an original El train

Happy to see the travelers

Arranging the grab bags

Oma and a pile of toddlers

Everyone expect poor Max

The assembled crowd

Lots of Eckels

Mom and presents

Present sorting

Waiting for present opening turns

The whole gang

Trivial Pursuit

Let the opening madness begin

Now Marna can make even more pies

Reflective leg bands make for a safe present opening experience

Mom and Dad survey the carnage

Testing out the new camp chair

Back row viewing

The year of the spork

Making up the rules as we go along

Oma and Ruth

Watching the gifting

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Handing out numbers for the grab bag

Strolling the grounds

Heading down the boardwalk in Delafield

Puzzling out Mobi

The whole crew

The grab bag begins

Max hops up for a bit

Mom in matching hat

Waiting for a creature to alight

Cookie gathering

Prepping the holiday table

Sitting down for the meal

The crew, arrayed as they should be

Everyone, including those now partially hidden

Ruth takes the stage

At the big table

The whole gang

The whole gang, one with a fun hat

Parceling out the next batch of cookies

Stocking inspectors hard at work

The full crew

Synchronized unwrapping

Max as center of attention

Sitting down for dinner

The whole gang

Chowing at Culver's

Also ready for presents

Portable gift

New edition, now available

Sharable socks

Fancy box

Explaining the complex rules

At the house in DC

Ruth and Max take charge

Out on the deck

The whole gang

Meandering toward Norris

Pondering our next move

Munching on some tasty sandwiches

Mom ready for the bat

Mom watching the present-opening carnage

Sam and mom on the trail

Eyeing the M&M dispenser

Loading up for the next round

Searching for the right tiles

Relaxing in a lull in the action

Debating the merits of British slang

Attempting to line up for the family photo

About to start the search

Gathered in the rental house

Pizza dinner

The rowdies in our row

Under the bean

Waiting for the bus, hoping it doesn't start to really rain

Chatting after dinner

Post-dinner strolling

The whole gang in Lincoln Park

Waiting for the streetcar

Double glasses for Lucas - six eyes?

Not enough seats to go around

And now for the main course

The gang (minus the sleeping Ruth)

In the park

Wading off Coronado

Max standing (assisted)

The non-snorkelers

The whole lineup

Ever so slightly goofier

Taking a break in Balboa Park

Waiting for the slideshow

Looking up

Sitting down in the primary chat chair

Continuing the chat

Wearing Mosquito Duck

Tom with homemade hat

On to magazines with hats

Trying to stay ahead of the drips

Eagerly awaiting the parade

Watching the parade

Loading up plates

Sitting in the chat driver's seat

Sam, Mom, and Pete at Mt Rainier

Ruth and Oma

Checking out the view

Dance party at the park

A moment in the shade

Boarding the Skyfari

Ready to chow down

Prepped to chomp

Everybody lined up

On the path at the Coronado beach

My mom on the trail

Crossing the creek

Gathered in the living room

Friday night dinner

Brendan and Oma

Waiting for lunch

Over by the fire pit

Saturday night dinner

Finishing a sensible early lunch

Maisie, dubious but accepting

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Watching the drama unfold

Happy onlookers

The speaches begin

Doom - the board game. Mom's excited too

Sorting it all out

A tag team effort to the present out of the bag

The box has been wrestled from the bag, but the job's not done

One last layer

A mini-photo album, starting with a mohawk

Checking out the other, non-mohawk photos

Preparing the snackies

Couple and Lucas's parents

Consulting the checklist

Catching some rays before it's time to change

Waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive

The other lunch table

On the Epic campus

Sipping some cider

Dad, Mom, and a tumbling mini-pumpkin

Dad and Mom waiting for us

Mom and Rachel, around but not on the new sofas

The spectators

Mom and Tom

Mom and Dad

Mom on the path

Relaxing at Big Foot Beach park

Strolling down the Embarcadero

In the gardens

Bulging trunk

Checking out the Mission's main facade

On the lookout

Between whale sightings

Checking out the dolphins

Game time


Approaching the tortoises

Mom takes a turn

Stacy's turn

Extending an offer

Saying hello

Neck scratches

Juvenile on the loose

Mmmm... stem!

Tesla shows some interest

Enjoying the cocktail hour

Wandering Coronado

Three tall people

In the sand

Lunch break at ArtWalk

Strolling in Carlsbad

Getting a little rockier

All four of us

About to dine at Campfire

Getting ready for falconry

Tig's not too excited about the camera

Waiting for the 12 mile flight to wrap up

Group shot

And he's off

Back again

Keeping a respectful distance

Exiting the group shot

Almost looking like a chicken

V shape

A little afternoon Quirkle

The traditional toe-dip

Picnic lunch on the beach

Out on a walk

At the tail end of our Balboa Park walk

At Kris and Chris's

Inside the hollow tree

Looking up inside the tree

Waiting for the Theo Chocolate tour

Sporting a stylish hair net

Snuggly on the shoreline

Enjoying the stroll

Looks like some tasty berries

Team picking

Mom up on the trail

Dad, Mom, and Ben Franklin

Sipping and sitting

Waiting for the play to start

Amused by the slugs

Vinegar tasting!

Lunch at Stone

Sunday picnic on the beach

Reported to be chilly

Soaking up the sun

At the viewpoint

Enjoying the shade on the deck

Keeping a respectful distance

In the viewing structure

Swallowed by roots

Up top at the library

Partial family portrait

Enjoying the beach

Staring off

Time to head back

Ready for the next bridge

Staring contest

About to head out

Rounding the bend

Looking for birds

Checking out the office

Down at the waterfront

Fist bumping the topiary

Exploring the Kumeyaay display

When butterflies attack

Taking in all the fluttering

Checking out the birds in La Jolla

On the shores of Lake Union

Windy day at Golden Gardens

At the ferry dock

At the ferry dock

Heading for the water

Waiting for the next wave

Fire pit full of siding remnants

Picnic at Camp Long

On the waterfront

Posing in front of downtown

An uneasy alliance

In the botanical gardens

Taking in the view

An uneasy truce

At the downtown library

Mom about to head off to the Locks

Lounging around on a cloudy day

Lounging around on a cloudy day

At Kerry Park

Ready to head south

Relaxing in the shade

Watching the antics

Down at the cove

Thanks for the bench, Jimmy!

Deciding on which approach to use

At Sunset Cliffs

In front of the Coronado Bridge

Overcast morning in Liberty Station

The full assembly line

Max approves

Strolling along the path

Oma and Maisie

Discrete peanut deliverer

Present intermission

The whole gang

Two seconds later

Grab bag time


Time to steal?

Off to the island

A brief venture outside

The Veranda Room at the B&B

A little reading before dinner

The showdown

Rolling the dice

Mom, smug in her backgammon victory

The story the redoubt - built for the Pig War

Mom gets ready to supervise

Tucked away under a waterproof hood

Ready for the solstice party

Family section

Listening to Roger

Me and my family

Me and my extended family

Me and my parents

Old married folks, skeptical

Old married folks, not so skeptical

Mother-son dance

A sly grin to the photgrapher

End of the mother-son dance

Parental boogey

Mom and Sam

Pizza party

Waiting for brunch

Group photo

Group photo

Dinner time

Taking it all in

At the fountain in Balboa Park

At the holiday tree

On the Skyfari

About halfway down to the point

View from Red Butte

Taking in the view

Mom at Tiger Mountain

Mom and me at Tiger Mountain

Walking the perimeter

In front of SS Empress of Japan Figurehead

The whole gang

Just a touch silly

Sorting in the air conditioning

Our departure

Post-meal conversation

Critiquing the performance

More critiques

Trying to sort out the flowers

Queueing up

Cheeseball production in full swing

Ready for presents

Calendar excitement

Dad and his new fancy wine spout

The whole gang

Ice cream watchers

Hanging out in the Arboretum

Hanging out in the Arboretum

The whole gang

Watching the photo show

Trying it on

Dining under way

D&E arrive

The largest dinner of the gathering

The full group


Got them all!

Taking a final call on the bean bag chair while ready to snorkel


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