Home - 2024 - Bahamas and Florida Keys

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Arriving on Harbour Island

In the mud

Approaching our accomodations

Romora Bay entrance

Our room for a handful of nights

View from our room

Something for everyone, unless you need gas

Rustic nest on the tower

Into the water

Found the pink sand beach

Blue green waters

Selected seaweeds

Public beach, private chairs

Beach lunch spot


Superfine sand

Looking south

Tern taking it in

Taking off

Tern buddies

Shallow slope

Darker pink trails

Rocky part at the north end

Wind swept trees

Happy in the sun

On the docks

Large and larger

Our building at the right-center

Beachfront area

Late afternoon sun

Century plant in bloom

Our little porch

Steps up to the fancier restaurant

Mango ready to go

Peeking back toward Eleuthera


Set for dinner

First dinner

Sunset time

Last bit of color

Helpful signage

Car ferry


No one tells me where the dilly dally

Perched at the peak

Smokestacks blazing away

Not quite ready to roll

Low tide

Rooster trespassing

Assorted plates

Mom and chicks

First time I've seen a van in a dumpster

Construction on pause

Pigly Wigly Food Store

Conch empties

Pretty in pink

Doing pushups

Conch salad for lunch

Sunset on night two

Find your destination with ease

Hi kids!

Tiny horns

Putative tide pools, at high tide

Lava rock

Evening glow

Pink and blue

Looking north

South rocky area

Walking the beach

Reflective shallows

Turnaround point

Snorkeling departure

Full speed ahead

Politician's private island

Dolphin sighting

Adults and babies


Getting a breath

And back down

Saying bye

Reef at low tide

Abandoned isle

Snorkel spot number two

Manatee drinking from the hose

Smooch on the water taxi

Leaving Harbour Island

Sapphire Blue Hole

Descending for a dip




In the salt water

Climbing out

Wider view

Clear and relective

On the rim

Entering Preacher's Cave

Checking out the cave

Examining the signage


Checking my reach

Dangling roots

Roots and leaves

Rope looking a little worse for the wear

Beehive on the cave roof

Another larger hive


Peacher's Cave

Preacher's Cave Beach

Boat ramp

Thinking about a boat joyride

Some sort of gull

More pink sands

Fish in the shallows

Conch shells

Ferry terminal

Failed marina

Current Pride making a dropoff

On the Eleuthera tour

North side of the Glass Window Bridge

Signs of shifting

Shallow side

Shallow and deep

Saying hello

Looking south

Shallow waters

Eroding the overhang

Camera showdown

Boat for corgis

A break from our tour

Lenny Kravitz's Bahamas house

Small island

Narrow view

Lonely palm

Pineapple carved-to-order

Dashboards make a great cutting board too

Chowing down

Queen's Bath

Stone and salt

Exploring Queen's Bath

Protected pool

Incoming wave

Uphill to the cave

Inside the cave

Peering out from the cave

Another few visitors

Toe dipping


Comfy rocks

Static pools


Starting to head out

Ebbs and flows

Incoming waves


In the very shallow pool

Osprey with fresh catch

Outermost tier

Scaling the rock

Heading back

Sunny view

Turtle heading under the boats

Ready to undock

Our return vessel

Valentine's marina

Getting underway

Threading through the Devil's Backbone

Tiny ferry to Spanish Wells

Pineapple Cottage on Spanish Wells

Substantial AC on the right

Working waterfront


Bahamian flag

Kitchen on board

Taking a turn at the helm

Returning to the Keys

Coral extracting machine

Peeling bark

Windley Key trails

Long roots

Fan coral in the limestone

Old railroad water tank area

Battered tail

Tiny garden spider

Red peel

Larger garden spider

Fuzzy legs

Nice and fat

Winch machinery

Solid base

Wire cutter

Tracks to nowhere

Cubanos for lunch

Key West station

Stickered truck

Where do you want to go today?

Greetings from Key West

Key West marina

Completely covered


US Coast Guard Headquarters

Key West Museum of Art & History at the Custom House

Court House

Hemmingway House

Writer's cottage

Hemmingway cat

Kennels for cats only

Small kitchen

In the Hemmingway house

Bathroom with seating

Master bedroom

Writing studio

Swimming pool, dug at great expense

Key West Lighthouse

Memorial to the wreckers

Key West big shots

Mallory Park sunset

Sunset over Sunset Key

Shocked by the Instagramming

Bye bye sun

What a deal!

Our cute little hotel


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