Home - 2024 - Palm Springs

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Assorted speed machines

Brand new Mini lineup

We're underway!

Rubber guidelines

Ready to roll

Approaching the box

Locking up the rear wheels

Starting to turn in

Rotating around

Releasing the e-brake

Prepping to exit

Time for some gas

Powering through

About to kiss the rear cone

Nearly straight

No more smoke

Starting the 180

Catching a little air

Approaching the box

A little e-brake

Plus rotation

And now a little foot brake


Almost done

Final stop

Happy driver

Ready for the big circuit

Napping greyhound

Cholla Garden in Joshua Tree

So fuzzy and friendly

Cholla blooms

Do not approach

Papery petals

Various stages of bloom

On the little boardwalk

In the heat

Dried out arm

Grnd Sqrl for lunch

Bud Light/water for all!

Swallowtail alighting

Skull Rock


Skull Rock

Up close with a Joshua Tree



Face Rock


Squirrel with Joshua Tree fruit

At rest in the shade

Oh, hello

Checking out the critter

Wondering where to go

Wide slot canyon

Skull Rock again

Sitting down to dinner

Living room at our rental


Pool and house

Dining room

Tahquitz Canyon trailhead

Waiting for our entry

Heading up Tahquitz Canyon

Spider rock?

Across the bridge

South wall of the canyon


And duo

Tahquitz Falls

Heading back

Stepping down

Hello, rattlesnake

Face to face

On the move

Rattle confirmed

Paging Wes Anderson

Marilyn and protege

Museum Way


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