Home - 2024 - Guys' weekend at the River

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Trailhead view

Into the Muggins wildnerness

Spring blooms

Dramatic clouds

Muggins Mountain

Rolling slopes

Clustered stigmas

Reflecting slopes

Weekend crew

Looking northeast

Approaching the high point

More clouds on the horizon

Muggins Mountain again

Shade and sun

Lonely saguaro

Ocatillo ready to bloom

Big green ocatillo


Old cluster

Turning south

More rolling hills

Tiny arches

Up on the point

View to the south

Spring flowers

So very orange

Great Basin collared lizard

Into the slot canyon area

Photo shoot


Caves and flowers

Mixed bouquet

McPhaul Suspension Bridge, retired in 1968

Dusk over the river

After the rain and wind

Living the good trailer park life

Cigar time

Smoking in style

Momentary calm

Sunday breakfast feast


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