Home - 2024 - Goat Canyon Trestle hike

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Final prep

Rock tree, ready for harvest

We found the rails

First set of old train cars


Side track

Approaching the first closed tunnel

Rocky terrain

Other end of the closed tunnel

Many smaller bridges

Hugging the slopes

Into the darkness

Tunnel entrance

Moving along the canyon

Another set of rail cars

Burned out

Fresh coat

Tumbled boxcar

Unused tunnel arches

Double derailment

Dry valley

Double tunnel ahead

Taking refuge

Looking back

Inspired by the sign

Another tunnel

Series of smaller bridges

Goat Canyon Trestle

Built 1933

Collapsed tunnel

Full bridge

Surrounding area

Largest wood trestle bridge in the world

Not ready for traffic

Severed lines

Signal control

Collapsed 100 years ago

Back side of the trestle

Tunnel and its replacement

Peeking through

Group shot

Starting the return hike


Long way down

Goat Canyon

Another signal

Long straight tunnel

Dark except for the rail reflection

Rail line visible in the distance

Internal tunnel framing

Double tunnel

Cholla section

Another view of the derailed cars

Big cholla

Inside the burned cars

Falling apart

Fresh coverage

Up on top

Inside the other cars

Double decker


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