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Photographer: Josh Eckels

At the top of Cerro Santa Lucía

Lunch inside the central market - ceviche

Our table in front of the daily menu

Our mains

Sculpture at Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

Murals of Bellavista

Murals of Bellavista

Papa quail

Plaza de La Ciudadanía

Another round of appetizers at Peumayen

Checking out the vineyards


Plenty of glassware

Villard vineyards

At Casa Valle Viñamar

Volcan Mocho Choshuenco

Bedroom area



Volcan Mocho Choshuenco

Cytarria drawinii - Darwin's golfball fungus


Our wacky hotel, Nothofagus

Me in my true spirit form

A little tickle

Fawn with spots

Tossing about

Beer and coffee

Aqua agua

Salto Huilo Huilo

Rainbow through the underbrush

Pool at the bottom

Main and side falls

Spiderweb, like crackled glass

Our last sunrise in Huilo Huilo

Matchy matchy

Morning sun over the lake

Osorno in the early light

Starting the day's tour

Parque Saltos del Rio Petrohue

Waterfalls, volcanos, and more

Like a lizard eye

Volcan Puntiagudo

Crevases on Osorno

Surveying the scene

Sit! Good fox!

Red, green, and blue

In the basalt field

Osorno panorama

Approaching Museo Pablo Fierro again

Perfect height

Working the clock

Tasty lunch in Punta Arenas

Monumento al viento

One of many roadside guanaco

Torres del Paine

How to party with a puma

Close to Mirador Lago Nordenskjöld

Daisies everywhere

Heading upstream

Continuing towards Chileno

Not too shabby

Perched on the hillside at Chileno

Into the green

Pausing for a moment


Andean Condor

Lake panorama

Trying to emerge

Snow and rock

Moving towards the French Glacier view

A wall of ice

Espresso martini

Lots of chop

Rainbow from the lake spray

Climbing from the lake spray

Ice and rock

At the Mirador Frances

Making a ruckus

Down down down

Approaching Paine Grande

Inside and with wine

More dinner, from a real kitchen

Curving into Argentina

Approaching Lago Argentino

Steak and wine. Ahhh

Patagonian skunk

Shores of Brazo Sur del Lago Argentino

Many color layers

Thistles on the shore

Onto the next

Moving towards the second boat

In the flats

Ready for the next boat

Light snow caps

Caesar's thumb

Wall of snow

Bundled up

Returning in relative calm waters

Whiskey and iceberg ice

In front of Perito Moreno

Icebergs from Perito Moreno

Guanaco on the move

Monumento A Tripulantes Goleta Ancud


Punta Arenas viewpoint

Entrance gate to Fuerte Bulnes

Returning home


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