Home - 2024 - Chile and Patagonia - Jan 13 - Departure

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Club de la Union

Inside the club

Inside the club

Inside the club

Peering downstairs

Entrance gate to Fuerte Bulnes

Tapestry exhibition

Trinidad - Magellan's ship

Golden Hind - Drake's ship

Atrolabe - captained by Jules Dumontd'Urville

The Beagle - Darwin and others

Flocking overhead

Fuerte Bulnes

Entering Fuerte Bulnes

Cannons of Fuerte Bulnes

Inside the biggest building


More cannons - watch out

Mud building

Looking into the Straight of Magellan

Looking into the Straight of Magellan

Mmmm seaweed

More mud buildings

Lonely outpost

Flying the flag

Monkey puzzle tree

Monkey puzzle tree

Chilean flag

End of the world

Imperial shags

Imperial shags

Pet cemetery

Pet cemetery

Last change - El Completo

Yum. Sorta.

Border crossing paperwork

First flight home

Returning home


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