Home - 2024 - Chile and Patagonia - Jan 10 - El Calafate

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our hotel

Memorial for the farm workers killed in the 1920s

The Andes await

Another fox sighting

Patagonian skunk

Patagonian skunk

The park entrance

Raptor on the wing

Our first boat

Glaciar Sur, our tour operator for the day

Shores of Brazo Sur del Lago Argentino

Red, green, and blue

Many color layers

Thistles on the shore


Thistle flowers

On the first boat

Our first hike

Beware of savage cows

Travering the ridge

Departing the first boat

Onto the next

Moving towards the second boat

Red grass

Red grass

Approaching Lago Frķas

El Calafate berries

Passing the Nothofagus

Lago Frķas

Lago Frķas

Dusted with snow

Target glacier

The real Andes

Mist constantly rolling over

Blowing in the wind

Marshy area

The second boat

In the flats

Ready for the next boat

Looking a little choppy

Yeah, it's windy

Lago Frķas

Same purple bloom

Light snow caps

Giant boulder

In the forest

Toppled trees

Former riverbed

Thin waterfall

Fair bit of flow

Caesar's thumb

Wall of snow

Thumbs up

Bundled up

Returning in relative calm waters


Whiskey and iceberg ice

Fresh ice

Trout for dinner


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