Home - 2024 - Chile and Patagonia - Jan 8 - Torres del Paine

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Rainbow in the windy mist

Lots of chop

Clear to the north

Windy blown spray

Rainbow from the lake spray

Near the lake shore again

Climbing from the lake spray

Ice on the east side of the Valle Frances

Approaching the Mirador Frances

Ice and rock

Clambering up

Stopping by

Lots of dirty snow

At the Mirador Frances

At the viewpoint, in the wind

Looking down the valley


Multi tiered


Nothing but mist to the north

Lots of view to the south

Glacial melt

Flowing downstream

Over the rocks

Another avalanche

Making a ruckus

Rivers and pools

Up the valley during our decent

Down down down

Flowing here and there

Weather moving in

Lots of clouds up the valley

Continuing downstream

Into the dead forest

Bare trunks

Stripped bare

Sputtering rain


Getting nastier weather-wise

That looks like real rain chasing us

Approaching Paine Grande

We made it to Paine Grande!

All distances are highly suspect

Inside and with wine

Another fox sighting

Waiting for the catamaran

Seems sunny again

Lago Pehoe

Mountains emerging again

The ferry approaches

They're not all going to fit

Aboard the ferry

Returning to Puerto Natales

Disembarking the ferry

Our rental in Puerto Natales

Workable kitchen area

Outside our rental

Dinner! Ceviche!

More dinner, from a real kitchen


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