Home - 2024 - Chile and Patagonia - Jan 7 - Torres del Paine

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Campground directions

Overcast morning skies

Dark waters

Lightening up a bit

Looking down the valley

Through the pass, without winds

About to fork towards Cuernos

Skirting some mud

Into the green

Very Patagonian panorama

Flowers and mountains

Pausing for a moment


Lago Nordenskjold

Mistletoe of sorts

Going to seed

Barely managing to hover in the wind

Wild colors

Getting overcast

Another limiting bridge - two at a time

Misty mountains

Andean Condor

Pausing in the wind

Lake viewpoint

Distinctive layers

Lake panorama

Lake and more lakes

Clearing up

Trying to emerge

Onwards to Cuernos!

On track

So green and blue

West part of the lake

Past the boulders

Another stream

Blue blue skies

Descending to the lake

Moving towards Frances

At the lakeshore

At the lake during calm weather

At the lake

Narrow waterfall

Snow and rock

Topping off the cairn

Clouds rolling over the ridge


Getting closer!



Menacing and blue at the same time

Moving towards the French Glacier view

Continuing up the valley

Turning back

Purple triad

Turning yellow


Berries - like tiny apples

Getting riper

A wall of ice

Do not disturb

Happy tiny blooms

Trudging back to Cuernos, but looking west

More elevated tents

Espresso martini

Slightly bigger cooking area


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