Home - 2024 - Chile and Patagonia - Jan 4 - Puerto Varas

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Morning sun over the lake

Osorno in the early light

Clearing up

Osorno again

Fuzzy pods

Starting the day's tour

Llamas in the distance

Small llama farm

Parque Saltos del Rio Petrohue

Narrow spots

Osorno and Saltos del Rio Petrohue

Waterfalls, volcanos, and more

At the viewpoint

Put down your drinks!

Like a lizard eye

Osorno, everpresent

Narrow chutes

So blue

Volcan Puntiagudo

Official viewpoint

Quiet pools

Fancy birdhouse

Lago Todos los Santos (Lake of All Saints)

Boarding our lake cruise

Looking northeast

Looking west

Due east

To the north, Puntiagudo

Chilean flag and Puntiagudo

Valley along the shore

Osorno again

Begone, pesky giant flies

Crevases on Osorno

Narrow landslides

Avoiding the bugs

Gray fox spotted

Surveying the scene

Sit! Good fox!

Parking area on Osorno

Looking down and towards Calbuco

Trudging upwards


Snow, rock, and lift

Up up and away

Tronador, on the border with Argentina

Green valleys

Red, green, and blue


Laogo Llanquihue view

Varied rocks

Rusty belt

Gaining elevation

Swirling whispy clouds

Red crater

Higher and higher

Red crater, isolated

At our high point for the day

In the basalt field

Looking east

Peeking south

Ski lift, some assembly required

Osorno panorama

Switchbacking downhill

In the volcanic crags

Bright path

More iron in this slope

Swatting bugs

Green Lagoon

Lagoon inlet

Clear skies

Tall trees overhead

More the pedestrian step mosiac

The flat part of Pje. Ricke

Chilean hawk

Approaching Museo Pablo Fierro again

Main "lobby" of the "museum"

Narrow halls

Back outside, a level up

Small rooms

Up at the board

Tiny classroom

Perfect height

Zona de Seguidad

Paper figure

Working the clock

About to slide



Up to the highest point under a watchful eye

Working the pulleys

Exit. Locked.

Peeking out the window

From inside the stoplight

Leave your donations here, maybe

House portraits

A brief history

Fancy stamped concrete

Mercedes, nestled away

Main entrance door

Don't damage the delicate machine

Giant cuckoo

"The rest of this breaking up is part of our history"


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