Home - 2024 - Chile and Patagonia - Jan 2 - Huilo Huilo

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Volcano morning view

Here come the parakeets

A little grooming


Flipping about

Volcan Mocho Choshuenco

Seems legit

Breakfast buffet

Hitting the local trails

Entering the portal

Flooded picnic area

Estero Quebrada Onda

Shallows and rapids

Ultra clear water

Blue blue river

Bridge under rennovation

View from said bridge

Looking downstream

Following the waterway

Cytarria drawinii - Darwin's golfball fungus

Unidentified but sizable insects

Mating or fighting, who can tell?

Super blue

A little choppier

Like stained glass

A smaller waterfall

Logs in the current

Swirling and churning

A calmer section

Red and yellow

Meadow with plenty of daisies

Spiky seeds


Magic Mountain hotel building

Charming door

Our wacky hotel, Nothofagus

Main hotel tower

Reino Fungi Lodge

Garden fountain

Handcrafted door

View from our room

Rustic platforms

Me in my true spirit form

Montaña Mágica Lodge

Another Indiana Jones bridge

Nothogagus hotel entry

Across the street at the Portal de Los Ciervos (door of the deer)

Another meadow lousy with daisies

Saying hello to the locals

Boars of all sizes

A little tickle

Approaching Museo de los Volcanes

Mammoth tusk

Central part of the building

Inside Museo de los Volcanes

Teleferico (cable car), on hiatus

Empty cars

Getting a little overgrown

Deer enclosure

Found some deer

Hiding in the shadows

Fawn with spots

Sizable antlers

Sniffing around

Pretty mellow

Tossing about

North entrance

Beer and coffee

Narrow chute before the falls

First view of Salto (waterfall) Huilo Huilo

Bottom of the falls

Mossy cascade

Aqua agua

Rainbow at Huilo Huilo Falls

Salto Huilo Huilo

Main falls

Side trickles

Rainbow through the underbrush

Serious steps down

Bottom of the falls

Side falls

Pool at the bottom

Faint rainbow from here

Main and side falls

Cliff with roots

Cascada Salto del Puma


Puma Falls

Tiny and red

Volcan Mocho Choshuenco in the afternoon sun

Strutting about

On the trail!

Volcano looming in the distance

Sendero Botánico

Spiderweb, like crackled glass

Shoots going staight up

Small pool

Apparently not safe?

Back at the river

Winding through the bamboo

This one seems secure

Sunset over the volcano



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