Home - 2024 - Chile and Patagonia - Dec 31 - Wine tasting in Casablanca Valley

Photographer: Josh Eckels

First winery stop - Veramonte

Out in the vines

Veramonte - Casablanca Valley, Chile

Midsummer grapes

Valley vista

Checking out the vineyards

Sitting down to our table

Inside Veramonte

Mustard and grapes

Carefully stayed vines

Villard vineyards

Villard building

Iceplant is everywhere

Need an ashtray?


Plenty of glassware

Tasting in progress

Wandering the winery paths

Invasive California poppy

Villard vineyards

Flat area of the valley

Approaching Casa Valle Viņamar

At Casa Valle Viņamar

At Casa Valle Viņamar

Our table at Casa Valle Viņamar

Overhead vines


In the cellar

Green pool at Casa Valle Viņamar

Vines without grapes

Our tour group

Lush vines

Back in Santiago

Protesting bird

Winner winner, chicken dinner


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