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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Post-alley oop celebrations

Down the line

Damian and John at the Citrus Bowl

Damian and me at Sea World

Damian and John at Sea World

Damian and me at Sea World

Willie the Wildcat and the top of Damian's head

The whole gang at Clarke's

The whole gang at Clarke's

The Allison softball team: Todd, Todd, Nicole, Luke, Barlo, Brian, Cheri, and Damian

Todd, Damian, and Brian, playing RattlerRace

Luke's friend from home, Luke, Todd, and Damian

Brian, Todd, Damien, and Jason set up Damian's new computer

Damian interviews Brian about RattlerRace

Most of 3 East gathered for the Superbowl

People getting ready for a swim in Lake Michigan


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