Home - 2023 - Holidays

Photographer: Josh Eckels



Being silly

Being sulky

Almost a teenager

Frosting and matching spectacles

Mixing up the green

Moody decorating

The full assembly line

Dotting on the raisins

Max approves

Accumulating finished cookies

Attempting to contain the sprinkles

Loading up the stars

Sampling the options

Shared screen time

The stroller wranglers

Sole stroller swinger

Strolling along the path

Ruth in the lead

Oma and Maisie

Discrete peanut deliverer

A little leany


Stocking time

Malcolm models a necklace

Up on the couch

Testing the flashlight

Break for applesauce

Acquiring a second

Math apparel

A stack of green

Snack time

So many packaging layers

A new stuffy from Ruth

Making introductions

Another stuffy and more

The third and final stuffy, a flamingo

A quick story

Present intermission

Max being a big kid

Happy Maisie

Pulling cookies

Necklace and headband

The auto mechanics at work

The whole gang

Two seconds later

Grab bag time


Maisie being a bit shy

Inspecting Brendan's grab bag

Time to steal?

Sharing the loot

Delivering to Opa

Coming through!

Relaxing in a family pile

Playing Life

The lawn aeration crew in Ocean Reef



Fairly dry in winter


Tiny cypress shoots

Bromeliads perched everywhere

Later grove

In the shade

Juvenile white ibis (not yet white)

More precariously perched bromeliads

Circular web


Thick layer

More cypress

Still and quiet

Cypress knees

Strangler fig getting to work

Great egret

Showing off the neck shape

Female red-winged blackbird, maybe

Spiders too

Another egret

Bugs on the lily pads

Flowering in selected spots

Standing still

Softshell turtle

Out into the waters

Osprey in nest

Osprey in nest

Out in Chokoloskee Bay

Dolphin spotted

Jumping around

Up in the air

Curving back


Drying off

White ibis, looking surprised

Roseate spoonbill, checking us out

Thinking about an exit

Showing off the pink wings

Outta here

Disappearing spoonbill

Comorants, I think

Royal terns

Royal tern coming in for a landing

Incoming royal tern

Tucking the wings away

Smallwood store, on stilts

Coming back in

Out on the bay

Gator pile



Sunning in the shallows

Upward arch


Toothy grin

Swimming along


At our third stop

Onto the air boat

Our captain

Great blue heron

Taking off

Barely out of the water


The river of grass

Hiding in the grass

Come closer!

Another great blue heron

Chased away by the boat

Low profile in the water

Eyes and nostrils only

At the Miccosukee village

Tiny tree frog

Egret strutting

The short boardwalk

Miccosukee air boat

Our final stop

Don't feed the aligators, intentionally or unintentionally

So much grass

Tiny hills

Breezing through

Robert is Here, a strangely named fruit stand

Quite the menagerie

Orchid Christmas tree at Ocean Reef

Family lineup

All in blue

Schievelbein family

Now for some wrestling moves


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