Home - 2023 - Northwest road trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Setting out

Low tide at Cline Spit

Out in the water

Paddling out

Hopping in


Me and Stacy in the tandem

Action shot

Approaching the lighthouse

A seal says hi


Cruising along Dungeness Spit

Lighthouse sighting

New Dungeness Lighthouse

Up close with the lighthouse

New Dungeness Lighthouse

Old lens

View from the tower

Packed into the tower

End of the spit

Peeking southwest

Open door policy

Current lens

In the tower

Picnic area

Logs strewn on the spit

Welcome to serenity

Bird-only area

Thou shalt not pass

Lighthouse and keeper's house

View from the kayak landing area

Other boats have arrived

Bright purple interior

Empty shells

About to head back

Not quite as low, but still low tide

Now in a single

In front of the Olympics

Tom's handmade kayak

One seal in the water, more on the beach

Plenty of seals and gulls

Looking up

Sliding through the waters

Upper and lower jaws

Walking the local trails

Beaver didn't finish the job

Harvesting some berries

Fresh and dried options

Picking high

King berries ready for harvest

View of the lighthouse from the neighborhood

Quail approaching

Hopefully they're mindful of the newts

Getting close

Hopping and clucking

Downtown Sequim

Dungeness River

Scouting for salmon

Salmon spotted!

Heading downstream

Nice new bridge

Looking for more salmon high and low

On the riverbanks

Lake Crescent panorama in Olympic National Park

Surveying the shore

Lake Crescent from East Beach

Assorted branches

A bit of blue

Devil's Punchbowl

South view from Devil's Punchbowl

Deep blue punchbowl


In the air



Shore by the cabins, stopping for lunch

Wild canoers


Evil, evil devil's club

Marymere Falls

At Marymere Falls

Over the bridge

Clouds amassing over Lake Crescent

Cat-watering can

On the ferry, heading east


Sneaking in a quick hike at Foss Lakes

Into the wilderness

Nurse stump


Bright tiny leaves

Ready for autumn

Beware of bees

Typical Cascades

Foss Lake

Foss Lake

Quiet forest

Our turnaround point

Cedar everywhere

Lake overlook

Red maple leaves

Hike hike hike

Mostly cloudy but lovely for hiking

View from our Leavenworth cabin rental

The rental

Peeking into the kitchen

A visitor

Somewhat hazy late afternoon

Leavenworth - our dining destination

Downtown Leavenworth

The last of the twilight

Hitting the trail at Eightmile Lake

Looking up the valley towards Dragontail

Fireweed going to seed

Mix of dead and live trees

Charred stump

Barren slope

Glistening black

Looking down the valley

Thin layer of charcoal

Turnaround spot

More fireweed, post-bloom, pre-seed

Fireweed flower

Reaching up




Returning to the trailhead


Afternoon view at the rental

Quail hopping along

New cloud pattern

More cloud cover

Afternoion shadows across the valley

Cumulus clouds

Sunset approaches


Breakfast prep

Departure time

Hitting another trail, this time at Cashmere Canyons Preserve

Some smoke rolls in

Young buck

Locked in place

Ears peeking through the grass

Alert but not spooked

Looking east

Up to the junction

Completely desiccated

Not quite as hazy to the north

Very hazy to the east

Gone to seed. Dry, dry seed

Crossing the clearing

Back to the trailhead

Bright yellow

Red, yellow, and blue

More yellow

Fernan Lake in Coeur d'Alene

Chipmunk says hi

Paddleboarding on Fernan Lake

Out on the water

So many lily pads

Cutting through

Narrow channel

No frogs to be found

Looking west

Gliding west

No wind, no waves

Relaxing paddle

The south shore

Approaching our rental spot for the night


Our spot for the night - the Airstream trailer


Road hugging the shoreline


More lily pads

One end of the trailer

The other end of the trailer

Coeur d'Alene characters

Lake Coeur d'Alene

Mudgy and Millie

Old depot, now stranded

Downtown Coeur d'Alene

When shooting, be aware of trail

Rare viewpoint

At Fourth of July Pass

Ski shelter

Pink dots

Momentary calm

Wooded trail


Taking the high road

Ferns and conifers

Blue skies

Another hut along the trail

Spider welcoming us back to the car

Overhand throw

Disc golfing with Dale

Teeing off

On a slope

Putting to victory


The distant hole

Overhand toss

In Lolo National Forest

Bozeman ridgeline (with the infamous Cats Paw in the foreground)

Three-star accomodations

Gran and Dote

Stacy out on the deck


Montana State vs South Dakota State

Less invested in the game

Sunday breakfast


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