Home - 2023 - Family gathering in Lake Geneva

Photographer: Josh Eckels

College rental house, spruced up but intact

Former renter

Around back

Exploring the lakefill

Night on the lakefill

Peering back to campus from the lakefill

Deering at night

Bunny on the prowl

3 East (and other floors) of Allison Hall

At the arch in the morning

The mighty arch

Solid gold Alexander Hamilton

Dipping toes at North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach Pier

Concessions and skyline

Walking the sand

Looking north

Family gathering drinkware

Gathered in the living room

Gathered in the living room

Fiery red in the backyard

Friday night dinner

So relaxed

Finished eating


Marna and Tom


Boarding our Saturday morning cruise


On board

Taking it all in

Brendan says hi

In front of the lens

On the port side

A rare photo of Max looking at the camera

Wrigleyville, Lake Geneva

Being coy

Brendan and Oma

No more photos

Towards the end of the tour

Not too shabby


Happy and awake

Ready to disembark

With a fresh new hat

Max, to the max

Long table for lunch

Waiting for lunch


Dark glasses

Backyard afternoon sun

Ready for cornhole?

Over by the fire pit

Closer to the sandbox

Max on the move

Cruising in

Saturday night dinner


Cutting through

Beach time!

Sand crafters

Sand foot massage from Max

Nemo: found!

Being patient with the little ones

Maisie and Brendan

Sam and Brendan

Sam, Brendan, Malcolm, Jill, and Pete

Maisie and Ruth

Ruth and Maisie

A shared cone

Finishing a sensible early lunch


Ruth and Malcolm

Sunday afternoon

Bachelorette Bash!

Sam and Brendan

Maisie on an unknown lap

Maisie, dubious but accepting

Sandbox time


Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Ruth on the loose

Bike time

Ready to depart

Biking duo

Zooming away

Rounding the bend

Bike crowd

Our Lake Geneva rental - The Pedal Inn

Walking the 606 in Chicago

West end of the 606

Near the majestic "overlook"


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