Home - 2023 - 4th of July

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Lurking outside after arrival


Don't need to keep the secret any more

Still surprised

More invaders

The Montanans arrive

Enough coffee for tomorrow, hopefully

Settling in

Gathered in the kitchen

Birdhouse at the B&B

Outdoor tub

Ready for a bike race

Saltwater pool

Path through the cottages

Main building and our rental, in ticket-me-red

Hope and Glory B&B

New driveway trees

Patriotic gazebo

Slate roof with a message for you

Out on the boat

Boat time

The sisters

Stacy and me

Stacy and me

Pointing the way

Cruising towards the club

In the shade

Fish processing plant

Up at the bow

Kicking back


Approaching our lunch spot

Relaxing up front

Lisa and Jeanne

In the back

Returning home

Returning home

The house from the water

Closing in

Ready to disembark

Out in the pool

Out in the pool


Beating the heat

Dinner prep gets underway

Head chef

Terry gets to work

Garlic paper

Plenty of cheese

Fresh basil

Themed placesettings

Chopping tiny fish

Salad crew

Setting the table

A quick card game

Almost dinnertime

Ready for diners



Garlic bread

Bashful Roger

Terry and Nancy




Making a wish

Holiday birthday


Post-dining satiation

The bliss of pickles

Cheese Shop for lunch

The full group at William and Mary

The lawn

Wren building


Capitol Building

Govenor's Palace

Sunset approaches

Late evening light


Cheers, again!

Now for cake


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