Home - 2023 - Tortoise time with Betty and Tom

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Reptiles waiting for feeding time


Greens in the water

The gharial's not so interested in the greens

Addressing the crowd

Awaiting the tortoises

Showing how it's done

Five second rule (or maybe five minute rule)



Taking a turn

On the move

Considering the offer

Tempting the beast

All smiles

Tug of war

More romaine

Feeding frenzy

Last bit of the stalk

Staring contest

A dainty eater

Out in the enclosure

Back in the barn with the lady tortoises

Up close

More lettuce

Here you go, Chip!


The crunchy bit

The ladies aren't any neater

Maybe some hay too

Neck scratches

Up in the air





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