Home - 2023 - Office shelves

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our starting point

The original office

Simple but nice built-in painted shelves

The wall that will soon be revamped

Clearing out the shelves

A gap discovered during demo

Happy to be smashing things

Upper shelves removed

Working on the base

Removing the counter

Demo discovery - Enormous Norma (part of an 1950s Old Maid set) and a Time for Beany (1950s kid's TV show) emblem

Ed-U-Card, making us all smarter

Shelving removed

Electrical, needing relocation

Window trim stripped

I guess it qualifies as a wall

Getting pretty sparse

Emptied out

Door trim removed too

End of first day of install

A few tools

End of day two of install

End of day two of install

End of day two of install

Time to do some patching

Plaster patched, some floor sanding complete

More plaster patching as long as I'm at it

Window re-trimmed

Painting in progress

All patched up!

Moved back in

Shelves repopulated

New shelves


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