Home - 2022 - Christmas

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Red underneath

Relaxing on our afternoon cruise

A few outlying mangroves

Heading into the channel

Cutting through

So grouchy!

Happy again

Retrieving my non-compliant hat


Pumpkin Key - it could be yours!

Standing guard

Dolphins in the canals

Lounging ladies

Captain (or maybe Skipper) Tom

Looping back

Miami in the distance

The new boat, Impulse

All aboard!

The main cabin

Engine room

In front of the tree

One more

The fancy heron mailbox

Starting the appletinis

The finishing touch

Trying out the new bag

Fixing up the model


About to tear in

Fancy bag

Modeling the new bag


Oh, the humanity

Secondary bag too

Suggesting alternate strap configuration

Trying again

Enjoying the show

New napkins from Italy

Skipper? Captain?

Cruise director

Optimal strap length

Digging in

Another fancy bag

It fits!


On to the next

A bag within a bag

Another bag

Testing it out

Watch out for the zapper

New shirt

What could it be?

Yellow purse!

White purse!

Pistachio treats

Tiny turtle card

Dinner time!

Stone crab claws


Moving to more aggressive opening techniques


The barkeep returns

Rosemary spritzing

Searing the filets

Finished plate

Wintery napkins

Malcolm gets to work

A Dragonboy book!

Considering the offered gift carefully

New cat shirt for Ruth

Modeling her new accessories

Maisie and Stacy

Happy baby

Marna's new hat

Ruth and Maisie

Riding the new trolley

Maisie and mom

Happy Malcolm

Ruth takes advantage of the trolley's sunroof


Feeding time

Ruth supervises

Brendan with the stuffie of the day

Happy boy

Ruth looms

The assembled crowd

Lots of Eckels

Gathering cookies

Opening the memento box

State report

Fine literature

Proof of graduation

High tech!

High school newspaper

Best band poster ever

Assorted whales for your enjoyment

Magic carpet


Portrait of Dad and other items



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