Home - 2022 - Italy - Day 15 - Venice

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Crossing the Accademia bridge

Looking east from the bridge at Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Brick ground level

Piazza San Marco

Campanile di San Marco

Basilica di San Marco

Piazza San Marco, sure enough

Piazza San Marco

Peeking west

Heading towards the world's oldest coffee house, maybe

Fancy brunch

View of the square from our table

Hyper detailed

Torre dell'Orologio

The clock

Torre dell'Orologio

Campanile di San Marco

Palazzo Ducale, under rennovations

Between the cathedral and palace

Distinctive dome

Statues everywhere

Inlaid mosaics

Under the entry arch

So many golden mosaics

Covering every surface

So much...

Everywhere you look

Moving toward the altar

Into the next section

Carefully tiled floors

Pala d'Oro

Pala d'Oro detail

Pala d'Oro detail - all gold and real gemstones


More floor tiles

Gold mosiacs

Another design

Mixing it up

A modest candelabra

The cavernous space

No surface left uncovered

Reflected colors

Yet another church

Checking it out

Lizard friend

A bit wary of tourists

Fresh pastas

Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Inside Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo, with tombs of 25 doges

Arched ceilings, but no mosaics or paintings!

Impressive altar

Stained glass windows

Clock with a different layout

Back on the canals

Grand Canal again

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Market in the afternoon, after most of the action

Fish tail

Fish market after its packed up

Still green waters

Varied bridges

Into the sotoportego!

Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Giacomo dall'Orio

Sitting in the square for a moment


Gelato treat

Ponte degli Scalzi

Ponte delle Guglie

One of the guglie (gargoyles)

Heading out into the bigger channel

The bridge to the mainland

Approaching Murano


More domes and statues

Along the Murano canals

Glass factories everywhere

Torre dell'Orologio

A bit leany

Rio dei Vetrai

Filling up

Faro di Murano - Murano Lighthouse

Sailing back

A little filtered light

Passing Cimitero

Looking back to the main island

Walled up

Narrow alley

Shutters, open and closed

Impresive halo

Glimpse of the bell tower

Campo Manin

One of multiple leaning towers in Venice

Fading light on the Accademia bridge

On the Accademia bridge, with Salute in the background

Rio de San Vio

Relaxing on our dock

Wild sculpture across the canal - Baby 3.0

The Grand Canal at night

30 second exposure

Quite evening

Palazzo Corner della Ca' Granda

Our green rental

Dinner at Bistrot de Venise

Starter - cured fish

The starters arrive

First course - pasta!

And now for the fish

And of course dessert


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