Home - 2022 - Italy - Day 4 - Amalfi

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Sunlight spilling over the mountains

Amalfi in the morning

Peering up the valley

Breakfast time - hope you like cake!

Half in shadows still

Lemon trees under the cliffs


Torre Di Pogerola at the top of the hill

Torre dello Ziro on the other side of the valley

Coastal property

Arched roadways

Tiny village along the road outside Praiano

Starting to climb

Gaining more altitude

Plaza outside Parrocchia San Luca Evangelista

Taking a break from steps

Sentiero degli Dei - upwards!

Up up up

Path of the Gods, here we come

Monorail contraption

More steps along the monorail

Ratchet-like teeth

Starting to get some nice views

Looking west

The monorail continues

Olives - yuck!

Beetle chomping

Passing vineyards

Fennel blooms

Pumpkins, not quite ready

Passing a few buildings

Terraced slopes

Two pigs and goose

Windy roads up the cliffs

Time for our panini

More terraces - grapes, olives, and more

Empty buildings here and there

An even emptier building

Looking back east

Under the cliffs

Hiking along

Nice blue skies

Steep and super steep

Goat convention


On the paved path

Final part of the trail

Approaching Positano

Hello cats

Small archway

Arch through the ridgeline


Stalagtites under the cliff

Descending into Positano

Down on the beach

Catching the ferry, hopefully in the right direction

Bye bye Positano

Cruising along the coast

Check out that path down to the water

Tucked into the hills

Approaching Amalfi

Roadway hugging the hills

Rounding the point

Sizable cave

Approaching the Amalfi dock

The naval museum in Amalfi

Duomo in the late afternoon

Our hotel, O'Lattariello

Our dinner spot, Taverna Buonvicino

Limoncello and lemon cake

Back up the steps to finish the day


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