Home - 2022 - Gran and Dote's 70th

Photographer: Josh Eckels


Square ice cream!

Quiet stream

Jackson arch

Jackson arch

Elk antler closeup

Jackson on the square

Entering Grand Teton


Jackson Hole panorama

A few friendly clouds


Another stop along the road

Looking south

Foreground and background

In bloom

Dwindling glaciers

Jagged peaks

Looking south

Shadowy peaks

Thistle foreground

Looking across Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake and Tetons

Small pond


View towards Hermitage Point

Momentary stop


Gone to seed

Snake River just outside Yellowstone

Snake River

Entrance sign, with legs

Lewis Lake

Lewis Lake panorama

Lake Lewis

Old Faithful, recharging

Dry grassland

Firehole River


Lodge and Inn

Boiling away

Sponge Geyser

Broken crust

Doublet Pool

Pool wall

Doublet Pool

So crusty

Beach Spring

Ear Spring

Bright orange


Lion Geyser

Lion Geyser

Drainage line

Heart Spring

Heart Spring

Back towards Old Faithful

Sunken but churning


Depression Geyser

So orange

Old Faithful Inn

Barren fields

Anemone Geyser

Birds not getting the danger memo

Crystal clear and blue

Orange flows

Returning to Old Faithful

The Inn

Starting to sputter

Old Faithful, right on time

Doing its thing

Old Faithful

Full strength

Tapering a bit

Still going

The M

Hitting the trail

Our trail guide, Ivy

Gaining some elevation

Green and yellow

Inside the fort

Sliding down

Looking for food

Moving on

At our high point

Look at those legs


Down in the crack

The whole hiking crew

The youngsters

Zero chance of everyone looking at the same time


Dean in a moment of calm


Also Batman

A moment of relative calm

Getting down

A little more lounging

On to the next spot

Tree stretching

All lined up

Ivy's about to jump

Looking down over Bozeman

Exiting at the trailhead

The famous roses

The anniversary party in full swing

Terry takes the stage

Waiting, oh so patiently

Up on the deck

Listening to Terry

Dote keeps waiting

Jeanne volunteeers

... and Roger too

Back to Terry

Gran and Bozeman friends

Almost his turn

Listening attentively

The groundlings

Cracking a smile

The whole assembly

Wrapping up

Giveaway time

Dote takes the stage

Listening to the poem

Time for applause

More applause

Done with the speeches, time for cake!

The 70 year newlyweds

Baby, but no beer

Sliding artwork

Trying to hop the fence

Lots of cousins

And Karl too

The next generation

Roger sees a squirrel

With Jafet and Amanda and kids

With Kate and John and kids

With Jeanne and Dale's side

With Julie and Roger's side

With Stacy and me

With Terry and Nancy's side

Guess who these are from

Hitting the trail

Glimpsing into the park

Madison River

About to open

Madison River

Madison River

North and South White Peaks

Gibbon Hill

South White Peak

Hiking the park boundary

Dry for summer

Pulling into camp

Our tent!

Sunset approaches

Stretching at camp

Fun skies

Will it rain?

Getting darker

Wander Camp entrance

Diagonal track

Fiery sunset

Twilight approaches

Uncovered wagons

Losing the light

Last of the sunset

Happy camper

Soaking it in

Solar lights coming on

Final twilight


Packing up

Back in Yellowstone

Madison River

Bald eagle perched

Taking flight

Outta here


Artist's Paintpots

Geothermal everywhere


Overlook view


Artist's Paintpots

Bubbling and steaming

Mud baths, if you don't mind a scalding


More mud

Blue chasm

Small pool

Gibbon Falls

Gibbon River


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