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Photographer: Josh Eckels

In Bozeman with the Schievelbeins

Checking out the Florida lotion

Giving it a good pump

Other end of the table

Applying lotion, or slapping - take your choice

Waiting, oh so patiently

Almost his turn

Listening attentively

Dote takes the stage

Listening to the poem

The 70 year newlyweds

With Jafet and Amanda and kids

With Kate and John and kids

With Jeanne and Dale's side

With Julie and Roger's side

With Stacy and me

With Terry and Nancy's side

Gran and Dote


Montana State vs South Dakota State

Sunday breakfast

Outdoor naptime in Bozeman

Squirrel observers

BBQ time

Rhubarb crisp number two

Just before leaving for the airport


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