Home - 2021 - Catalina

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Dropping non-backpacks at the hotel

Fuel for the first day on the trail

Blurry bison

Practicing in case of on-trail bison

Two Harbors marina

Hitting the trail

Leaving Two Harbors behind

Reading up on the proper protocols

Eyeing a snack

A small harbor

White rock

Clear waters

Dry and wet

Catalina coastline

Looking east

Another marina

Trudging down the trail, thankful for the overcast skies

Boy scout camp, minus the scouts

In the water at Parsons Landing

A seaweed assortment

Our campsite

Tide coming in

Pretty warm for the Pacific

Gull watching for goodies

Glamor shots

Trails leading up

Mainland in the twilight

A campfire, when backpacking, in California!

Overcast evening

Sunrise over the ridge

Warm light over the dry hills

Quiet on the beach

Sandpiper scoping for food

Down by the surf

Socks recovered from the fox thieves

Heading up on a day hike

Overlooking the campsite

On the trail to Starlight Beach

Barge getting towed

Bright aqua in the sunlight

Return to Parsons Landing

Prickly pear blooms

Prickly pears

Still in bloom

Cooling off

Bright seaweed

Kris on Kris Rock

Rocky shore

Looking east along the shore

Hiding spot in the shade

Double Kris Rock


Late afternoon view to the east

Overlook near Parsons Landing

Up on the top of the ridge

Looking back to the campsite

Campsite, not quite to ourselves

Late afternoon reflections

Catalina shoreline

Sunset approaches at Parsons Landing

Sun behind the hill but still over the horizon line

Getting redder


Not quite full yet

Morning visitor

The dreaded fennel

Raven on the rock

Fennel buds

Looking back at the campsite

Milkweed explosion

Fawn at the boy scout camp

Seems tiny

Even tinier

More boats on Friday

Gathering around the rocks

Checking out the hole

Ready to catch the Cyclone back to Avalon

Our boat awaits

Two Harbors beach chairs

Checking the fox distance

On a boat!

Also on a boat!

We're on a boat too

About to set sail

On the go

Moderate speed

Returning to Avalon

Elvis working the crowd next door

Downtown Avalon

Night heron coming out

Dusk in Avalon

Lobster Trap for dinner - pretty meh

Casino murals

Out for a paddle

My private beach


Fishing boat moving on

Avalon condos

Almost back to the circular casino


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