Home - 2021 - Kitchen remodel - 1 - Demo

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Looks nice enough - let's destroy it!

Prominent fridge

View from the laundry room

Exterior wall

The slim version of the arch

Making the cut

Smooth sailing

Wider, but not wide enough

Taking another notch

Surveying the destruction

Cleaned up for now

Exposed wall for now

Clearing out the cabinets

Shall we destroy?

A jaunty angle

Cabinets partially removed

Strategizing on the sink cabinet

A gentle slice

No more cabinets

Tile has been smashed

Cement board, you're next

Original fir floors revealed

Sweeping up some of the drywall carnage

About as empty as a room gets

West wall

South wall

East wall

Northeast corner

Portals to another dimension (the crawlspace)

Water damage, anyone?

Most of the debris

Bagged and ready to dump


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