Home - 2021 - Sequoia and Kings Canyon trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our rental in Three Rivers

Backyard is the Kaweah River

Checking out the river

Dipping in the toes

Chilly but nice

Happy to be out of the car

Sunset approaches

Bright red and purple

Cleaning up the shoreline

Freshly opened

Back of the rental

Light fading as the sun drops

Smoothing the flow

Splish splash

Over the rocks

Paul Bunyan, carved from a 2000 year old sequoia

Ready to assist

Checking out the brewery

Took a wrong turn

Sneaking in before last call for food

Heading into the park and catching a glimpse of Alta Peak

Entering the second oldest National Park

Browsing on the grill grate

Hitting the trail

Small meadows here and there

Lots of conifers

Dappled shadows


A quick sit

Up at Panther Gap

Panther Gap panorama

Clouds creeping in

Snow capped Sierras

First marmot sighting!

Curious but wary

Trees starting to get a little sparser

Refilling on the go

Marmot on alert

Tucked away

Into the mist as we approach the peak

Foxtail pines

Twisted and barkless

Bright yellow growth

High elevation pines


Up close texture

Mist swallowing up the view

Another marmot

Pondering the imponderable

Blue sky again

Returning to Panther Gap

Hollowed but alive sequoia

Trapped inside the sequoia

Skylight view inside the tree

Burned and empty but alive

Moro Rock

Stacy and Mitch, our guide for the day

In front of Moro Rock

Dogwood in bloom

Sequoias inside of Giant Forest

Under the tunnel log

Checking for vanilla scents

Breathing in the aroma

Tree hugger

Back at the house in the calm of the early evening

Fresh melt

Dusk approaches

Night on the river

Candy shop right next door

The approach to Moro Rock

Clear skies on Tuesday

Up on Moro Rock

Looking down the Kaweah River valley

Zig zag road up

Looking up the watershed

Hummingbird about to feast

Drinking up

It's lonely at the top

Crescent Meadow

Inside Tharp's log

A very fine log

Deer in the meadow

Nibbling on the shoots

Checking for danger

Ears down

Ears up

Tongue out

Getting ready to move on

Last look

Burn scar on the right

A big stump

Sequoias everywhere

The Sherman tree

It's big all right

Bear sighting

Into the shadows

Ooh, a log!

Hopping over

Sauntering to the next stop

Sherman tree, surrounded by tiny trees

Biggest tree known to humanity

Lots of burn scars on healthy trees

Woodpecker snacking

Chipmunk or ground squirrel

I call this one the Trump Tree

Fallen and shattered

By an uprooted tree

Burned out but still going

Another cluster of sequoias

Hanging with the President

Heading into the Senate

Less bickering than the real Senate

The House group

McKinley Tree

A viewpoint on our way to the lodge

The John Muir Lodge in Kings Canyon

Monarch Log in the Grant Grove

Peaking out from the log

Down at the narrow end

Head clearance is still OK

Gamlin Cabin

Another woodpecker looking to snack

The Grant Tree - the widest sequoia

Grant Tree

Burn scar, slowly closing back up

Hume Lake as seen from Panorama Point

Panorama Point panorama

Burned area in the National Forest section

Charred stumps

Momentary rest

Our lunch stump

Crawling over the bloom

Lizard in the sun

Tiny flowers

Pollination at work

Picking up more pollen

A bear's fondest dream - abandoned picnics

Hume Lake

Mama duck

A bunch of ducklings

Foraging together

Purple belly

In full bloom

Still opening up

More flowers at the shoreline

Closed at the moment

Hume Lake dam

Don't get sucked into the dam

Reading break

Dipping in our toes

Gravity-fed gas pumps

Our primo campsite

Meadow on the other side

Kings River

North side of Kings Canyon

Dinner prep gets underway

Foraged firewood

Enjoying the quiet

After dark

By the river bank at night


Our tiny sandy beach

About to cross the river

Zumwalt Meadows trailhead

Steller's jay with a snack

Now empty-beaked

Green water and green meadow

Zumwalt Meadow

Maple seeds

Extra green water under the bridge


Reeds in the shade

Heading up the valley

Casual lean

Burst of yellow

Mist Falls

Sloping falls

Continuing upstream

Blue, gray, and green

Another view of the main falls

Robin thinking about a swim

Tiny oak

Hardly a cloud in the sky

Our turnaround and lunch spot

Looking south

Winding its way down the slope

First thistle of the hike

It's a little misty

Looking downstream

On a granite dome

A nice spot to pause

Small side chute

Relaxing the toes

Chard for dinner

Finishing the chard creation

View of one viewpoint from the other

The forks converge

Larger panorama

A quick hike to a big stump

In bloom

A sliver of charcoal

Big stump, formerly the Mark Twain tree

A big stump, but not the Big Stump

Another shattered sequoia

This one's intact

Upper part of the canopy


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