Home - 2020 - Weekend in Palm Desert

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our weekend accomodations

Tiny tiki patio

Out front

They must feel safer with a solid gate like that

Tesla questioning the walk

Seeking the trailhead

On the right trail now

Palm Canyon living up to its name

Still some water

Found some shade

One bendy trunk

Too tall to proceed

Tiny blossoms

No cell service? Whoa!

Looking back at Palm Springs

End of a branch

Sage everywhere, still mostly green

Rolling hills

Small groves

Stream crossing!

More arid over here

Looking like a fancy leather sofa

Top edge


Looks like a dinosaur

It's true - no shade

Mid-day sun

Nano cave

Heading into a few boulders


Lost in the spines

Looking up the canyon

Two very green M cars

M2 lineup

M5s in the full rainbow

Outdoor wholesome activities


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