Home - 2020 - Quarantine diaries

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Ribeye, sous vide and grilled again

Pizza fixings

Pizza #1 - veggie

Pizza #2 - sausage and mushroom

The finished product

Semolina torpedo loaf

The start of the tomato tsunami

Fish and green things

Arugula flowers

Purple tomatoes getting ripe

Lots of tomato blossoms


About to release the bugs

Free at last

Not straying too far yet

Another rib eye, Okinawa yam, and asparagus

Couldn't ID this one

Bug eyed

More fish and colorful salad

House finch

More pizzas!


Duck egg pasta

Hooded oriele

Hooded oriele

Walnut and cracked wheat loaf

Peppers and cherry tomatoes from the backyard

An assortment of herbs

Time for another dry-aged ribeye

With duck fat potatoes

Mussels with pasta and sea beans

Basil pollenator

Slurping away

Filling up

Ono, farro, and salad

Pork chop

Giant beet, fresh from the dirt

We're about to be overwhelmed

Tuna and veggies

Walnut and onion loaf

Fresh set of ladybugs

Newfound freedom

Getting tickled

On the rim

Tightrope walkers

So many grapes

Raisins to be

Gathering the backyard salsa ingredients


Freezing some for later

Gettting the smoked tomato sauce underway

Cracked wheat walnut loaf

Smoked veggies on their way to becoming sauce

Spot prawns relaxing in the sink

I can see why they're called spot prawns

On the grill

On the plate

Homemade, sun-dried raisins

More fish from the Saturday fisherman's market

Burgers, corn and slaw

The tomatoes continue

Soon to be sun-dried

Crazy colors inside too

Flaxseed again

Lamb chops tonight

Fish sliders

Big old salad

Buttermilk oat loaf

Flowering succulent on the front porch

Tiny flower

Really vivid pastel colors

Fountain grass out front

Even bigger than before we trimmed it this winter

World's tiniest sunflower

Sunflower getting ready to open

Mangos ripening in the backyard

Coolest looking of our tomatoes, the atomic fusion variety

More atomic fusion tomatoes (they look similar on the inside)

Our lizard buddy still likes the backyard


Cornbread skillet

Homegrown salad

Pizza dough

Pepperoni this time

Plenty of pie

Kalamata olive loaf

Nibbled grape leaves

Tiny chilis

Shriveling on the vine

Rosemary blossoms


Starting to get ripe

Budding out

Nectarine blossoms

Nectarine blossoms

Fuzzy flowers

Planting tomatoes and peppers

Ladybug on the arugula

Blackberry blossoms

Transplanting the basil outside

Firing up the grill

Dry rub applied to the rack

Coming along nicely

Ready to serve

Callas in the back corner

Always meditative

Cornish game hens and raddichio

Game hens on the plate

Cornbread too

Argula starts


Garlic experiment

Spinach sprouting

Jasmine by the back door


Nectarine blossoms

Nectarine blossoms

Lemons on the front tree



Can't remember what this one's called

Almost like micro-hydrangeas

Deep dish, ready for the oven


Kale joins the mix

More jasmine

Deep purple

More callas

Grape leaves filling in

Filling in for the year

10-seed bread

Arugula blossoms

Lime leaves, post-rain

Nectarine blossoms

Nectarine blossoms

Spinach getting bigger

Our garden enmy

Trying to get away

New fridge, not needing manual defrosting every three days

It fits!

Chimney cap about to be installed

The target chimney

Concrete drilling is the best

Cage semi-secured

The finished product

Blending in

Ready to start weathering

Potato bread

Duck, trussed and ready to rotate

Duck, fresh from the grill

Ready to chow down

Duck on the plate

Home hair care

Salon fresh

Another deep dish effort

Ready to transplant

Settling in

In the shadows

Basil getting established

Dove on the planter

Deep intelligence

Salmon and other treats

Making a lot of noise

A little grooming

Very noisy

Ready to take off

Scallops and sides

Another nice dinner

Dry-aged ribeye

Duck breast and couscous

Fresh tuna and veggies

Tuna and curry on the plate

Tuna and veggie curry


Red white and green

Now with blue

Spreading nicely in the front

Reaching skyward

Up on the backyard wire

Almost time to leave

Mango blossoms


Our first real harvest of the year

Last of the jasmine blooms

Tomatoes taking over the back yard

Lots of greens

Missed the hummingbird

More buds


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