Home - 2020 - Bachelor party in Joshua Tree

Photographer: Josh Eckels

My ride for the weekend

Jaguar F-Type convertible

Bar station at the hotel

Getting the party underway

Mike pontificates

Waiting for dinner time

Pensive Jim, tired Mike

At the table at last

Getting ready to order

Joshua Tree Saloon

Food at last

Mike digs in

Done eating

Don makes the rounds

Taking in the karaoke

Don making friends

Who knows what's happening here

Nicely framed, Don

Bob recreates the attack

Draining the pitcher

Now to get back to the hotel

The loudest man in the room

Closing down the night

Jess in the R8

Ready to hike

On the move

Boulders in Joshua Tree

Cloud cover makes for nice hiking

Checking out Barker Dam

San Gregornio


Joshua tree

Lots of Joshua trees

Petroglyphs in the cave

Vertical splits

Flat valley floor

Passing the windmill

What remains of Wall Street Mill

Looking for a lunch spot

Chips on offer

Wall Street Mill

Darker clouds

Out of order

Checking out the scraps

Seed pods

Bright green growth

Gaining a little altitude

Flat valley floor

Quiet part of the park

More J-trees

Taking the view

Up on the top

Small campground

Relaxing in the sun

Those who stuck around for afternoon hiking

Purple and spineless

Venturing into the crack


In the narrows

Emerging triumphant


Gadi's, less crowded than the saloon

Room to ourselves

Going for a ride

Cholla blooms

Cholla garden in Joshua Tree National Park

Evil spines

Wandering the garden

Waiting to snag you

Getting close

Balls of anger

Big palm at the Cottonwood Spring oasis

Green ocatillos

Clear skies

Jumbled formation

Mastadon Mine Loop

Glimpse of the Salton Sea


Mastadon Peak

View from Mastadon Peak

Looking north

Up on Mastadon Peak

Mastadon Mine

Heading up 74 with the top down

Rain clouds ahead


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