Home - 2020 - Weekend in Santa Barbara

Photographer: Josh Eckels

On the prowl for breakfast

Fun in the Funk Zone

Confirmation of Funk arrival

Raptor on the fence

Stearns Wharf

At the end of the wharf

Mussels down below

Soaking in the sun

Shark attack!

At the Sea Center

Piling back into the AirBnB

Wholesome snacks

All aboard the rental boat

In search of ostrich

Or, "Try to Feed This Bad Boy, He's Already Pretty Full"

Ostrichland, USA

The bad boy tempts the other bad boy

Eye to eye

Emu spotting

Gobble gobble

Crouched and ready to pounce

Tossing back a pellet

Mmm... emu kibble

Watching Dan's technique

Downtown Solvang

Pretzels for all

Cool but vacant building

Tar Pits Park, Carpinteria

Seal sanctuary

Dolphin sighting

At the end of the trail

All the hikers

Parked hummingbird

Another raptor

Leash your octopus!

Santa Barbara botanical garden

Island and water viewpoint


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