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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Downtown Auckland behind Mt Eden

Rainbow over Auckland

Working the rails

Andrew's favorite bridge so far

Sulfur wafts

Tiny terraces

Orange crust in the shallow water

White, orange, and green (flipped Irish flag)

Careful steps

Private pool area

Into the full sunlight

About to descend toward the Blue Lake

First of the Emerald Lakes

Orange shore

Steady traffic stream

Fountain out front

Split Apple Rock near the entrance to Abel Tasman

Farewell, boat!


Twilight lingering

Sunset near Pancake Rocks

About to slip behind the clouds

Nesting rocks

North edge of Pancake Rocks

Crashing waves

Incoming spelunkers

In front of the swinging bridge

View from the tower

Blue ice lurking overhead

Raising false hopes for flying the next day

Brown tannic water

Characteristic white neck tuft

Boardwalk to the shore

A really substantial swing bridge


Poking around the meadow

Paradise shelducks passing through, showing their full colors

A taught rainfly

Getting more purple

Climbing toward Lake Harris

Time to wade

Lake Mackenzie looking brighter

Another nice viewpoint

Lakes at the top of Key Summit

Small pool at the top

Lake Marian tucked between the peaks


Bigger rockfish

Spiny lobster

Fiordland at its finest

Early evening clearing

Almost the entire cliff is waterfall

Getting bright

Glimpse of Doubtful Sound from the pass

Full back display


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