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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Ryan, Spike, Barlo (shown yawning), me and Mark in Bath

Me, Mark, and Ryan in Bath

Mark, Spike, Ryan, Chryssi, and Barlo at the Roman Baths in Bath

Spike does some pushups

Mark, me, Chryssi, Spike, and Ryan at Castle Coch

Mark, Spike, Chryssi, and Ryan having a treat from Harrod's

Chryssi does some pushups as Spike and Mark observe carefully

Mark, Chryssi, Spike, Barlo, Ryan and me at Stonehenge

Barlo, Chryssi, Spike, Ryan, and Mark do some fine dining

Spike, Barlo, Mark, Ryan, and Chryssi on a rock with Eurotrash playing "baseball" in the background

Me, Barlo, Chryssi, Spike, Mark, and Ryan in Oxford

Spike, Chryssi, Mark, and Ryan on the streets of Oxford


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