Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 18 - Doubtful Sound, part 2

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Early morning

On the lookout for penguins

Will it be rainy? Probably

Penguin seeking

Penguin spotted

Crested penguin hopping along

Staying in the shadows

Pretty calm but pretty dark too

Breakfast time

Marmite taste test

Cruising back to the dock

More rain, more waterfalls

Almost the entire cliff is waterfall

More falls

Still more falls

Getting bright

More clouds swoop in

Another nice fall

Up on the top

Shortbread bliss

Glimpse of Doubtful Sound from the pass

Short break in the clouds

Rolling down

Cargo barges at Lake Manapouri dock

Sandfly stowaways

Venison pie for lunch

Our AirBnB in Queenstown

Our bedroom

Outside the condo rental

Walking down into town

Gondola up the hill

Walking through touristland

The Remarkables range, gray, orange, and green

A big kiwi

Hunkering down under the beak

Waiting in the chaotic line for ice cream

Champion of the giant pretzel


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