Home - 2019 - New Zealand - Day 17 - Doubtful Sound, part 1

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our rental in Te Anau

Departure point for our cruise

About to jump on the first boat

Boat for the Lake Manapouri crossing

Warm and dry on the boat

Sipping our hot drinks, indoors

New sunnies

Getting wetter as we head west

North shore of the west arm of Lake Manapouri


Getting darker

Cruising down the west arm

Almost at the dock

Manapouri hydro station inlet

Real rain

Getting to the next part of the trek

Big falls all throughout fiordland

Tree slip area

Falls going full-bore

Lots of water coming down

Helena Falls

Boarding the vessel

Bubbly on board

Starting the cruise right


Our cozy but comfy cabin

Leaving the other boats behind

Out in the wet

Nonstop water

Preferring the overhang

At the stern

Clouds and fog

Bigger falls

Pouring like crazy


Narrow tree slide area

Heading into the falls directly

Water water everywhere

Up with the captain

Wet and wild

Tiers of falls


No waterfalls in this little section!

Heading toward the open sea

Shelter Islands

Fur seals on the islands

Showing off

Seals sprinkled everywhere

Jumping around

Clambering up

Some sleeping, some romping

Coming down

Hares Ears in the distance

On the move

Checking us out

Leaving the seals behind

Drier out to sea, it looks like

Enjoying the cruise


Tiny snapper

Bigger rockfish

Not raining at the moment

Cruising to our next spot


Shags on the rocks

Penguin imposters

Tri-falls in the middle

Shadowy figure in the penthouse

Strange masted boat

Peeping from the penthouse

Heading east

Not-so-fancy hotel

Getting wet again

Snack time

The lobster patrol returns

Today's catch

Spiny lobster


Two on the loose

New best friends

Free backrubs for crustaceans!

A little more blue sky

Fiordland at its finest

A little sunlight on the slopes

Setting out in the kayaks

In the kayak

Poking around here and there

Cruising by

Checking out the cove

Precipice Cove

Emerging from the shore

Rain picking up

Oystercatcher on the rock

Our boat, the Tutoko II

Still raining

Rain letting up again

And starting again

Lobster on the plate

Early evening clearing

Nice and calm and quiet

Booze cruising

All of us


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